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Jun 2, 2007 06:29 AM

Visiting St. Louis. Want Italian Recommendations

I've visited St. Louis fairly often, but never had Italian there. I'm looking for some recommendations about the best food. Ambiance doesn't matter that much.

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  1. You'll get tons of opinions, and while by no means have I gone to even close to all the Hill options, I really enjoyed my meal at Trattoria Marcella several months ago. It's a very busy place, and the tables are pretty close together, but I was very pleased with the food, and they got us in and out in time for the symphony.

    1. To be honest I am not a fan of STL Italian food -- too much provel cheese on everything and the pasta is cooked to mush. Not sure of where you are coming from but you could end up being very disapointed. I know a lot of people love The Hill (I live 2 blocks from it) but in general I think the stuff is more Show than Go.

      The only semi ok place is Manga on South Grand --- it's more of a funky bistro type place, they sell products at the local famer's markets. I think they make their own pasta. There is also a place on Watson I believe that is new and does organic pasta ... Stellina Pasta Cafe ... I have yet to go but I've heard great things about this place. Everything they make is homemade -- even the

      1. Tony's downton on Market Street. Tony's is one of the better restaurants in the country. Google Tony's St Louis MO to check out their menu and awards.

        1. I have eaten at Charlie Gitto's (on the Hill) twice and have really enjoyed it both times...I look forward to returning.

          1. We have a lot of good Italian and a lot more of the American Italian you would find anywhere. Tony's is the most upscale option given, with Tratoria Marcella a second( not a fan of TM and never been to Tonys). I like Gian Tony's as a good closer to American-Italian fare. Just went twice to a new offering in town -Acreo on Manchester just west of Schlafley bottleworks(was Arther Clays): really liked it. The food is exemplary- fresh, light touch in the kitchen with obvious care in ingredient choices. Lunch can be very affordable and the crowd has not been too deep when I was there. They made some great martinis, too.