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Visiting St. Louis. Want Italian Recommendations

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I've visited St. Louis fairly often, but never had Italian there. I'm looking for some recommendations about the best food. Ambiance doesn't matter that much.

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  1. You'll get tons of opinions, and while by no means have I gone to even close to all the Hill options, I really enjoyed my meal at Trattoria Marcella several months ago. It's a very busy place, and the tables are pretty close together, but I was very pleased with the food, and they got us in and out in time for the symphony.

    1. To be honest I am not a fan of STL Italian food -- too much provel cheese on everything and the pasta is cooked to mush. Not sure of where you are coming from but you could end up being very disapointed. I know a lot of people love The Hill (I live 2 blocks from it) but in general I think the stuff is more Show than Go.

      The only semi ok place is Manga on South Grand --- it's more of a funky bistro type place, they sell products at the local famer's markets. I think they make their own pasta. There is also a place on Watson I believe that is new and does organic pasta ... Stellina Pasta Cafe ... I have yet to go but I've heard great things about this place. Everything they make is homemade -- even the desserts.www.stellinapasta.com/index.php

      1. Tony's downton on Market Street. Tony's is one of the better restaurants in the country. Google Tony's St Louis MO to check out their menu and awards.

        1. I have eaten at Charlie Gitto's (on the Hill) twice and have really enjoyed it both times...I look forward to returning.

          1. We have a lot of good Italian and a lot more of the American Italian you would find anywhere. Tony's is the most upscale option given, with Tratoria Marcella a second( not a fan of TM and never been to Tonys). I like Gian Tony's as a good closer to American-Italian fare. Just went twice to a new offering in town -Acreo on Manchester just west of Schlafley bottleworks(was Arther Clays): really liked it. The food is exemplary- fresh, light touch in the kitchen with obvious care in ingredient choices. Lunch can be very affordable and the crowd has not been too deep when I was there. They made some great martinis, too.