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Jun 2, 2007 05:59 AM

Du-Pars Up to Par 24 hrs. a day

After my morning constitutional I drove over to Du-Pars at the Farmers Market this morning. I was there just a bit after 5 a.m. and there were two other tables occupied. I decided to have the #1 combo which is a short stack with bacon (or you can get turkey sausage links). Still some of the best pancakes in LA and excellent thick cut bacon done perfectly (crispy yet with enough pliability still left so that it doesn't shatter into pieces when you bite into it). Coffee was also very good, and they bring you a large glass of ice water without any need to ask. The redo of the space has brought the interior back to it original glory. Big comfy booths. Just a great spot for an early breakfast. A little over $10 with tax, plus tip. As I was waiting for my food a plate of eggs benedict went by that looked wonderful. Next week back for the benedict.

NE corner of 3rd and Fairfax at the Farmers Market.

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      Were they 24 hrs. before? They made a point to note it on their website and I couldn't recall if that was the case before the refurbishment / make over.

        1. re: barcelona

          Maybe it was one of those best-kept secret that Du-Pars felt otherwise about... The list of late-night eateries in LA can be short and wanting...

      1. re: SauceSupreme

        Only the Thousand Oaks and Studio City locations were twenty-four hours before the renovation. The Farmer's Market one used to close at night, I believe.

      2. Been going to DuPars (long gone Miracle Mile location and also Farmer's Mkt.) since grandma decided that I was old enough to eat their wonderful Pancakes. Shortly after Mr. Naylor bought and closed the Farmer's Mkt. location for renovation I found myself near the Thousand Oaks store and stopped in for their wonderful Pancakes but they weren't very good. Bacon and coffee was mediocre as well. I was so disapointed! The Pancakes were heavy/dense and lacking that characteristic and addictive flavor. Your report does give me hope, I'll head over to 3rd. & Faaairfax soon!

        1. Considering I'm not a pancake expert, what makes Du-Pars pancakes so damn good? The texture? Flavor? My mom will be visiting soon and one of her favorite breakfast items are pancakes so I'll probably take her to Du-Pars. I might even get the pancakes myself (I usually order french toast for breakfast). Thanks for any tips!

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          1. re: dinami

            If French toast is your bag, take a read at the active post, "Apricot Almond French Toast at Square One."


            1. re: dinami

              the pancakes come out HOT....really HOT.....the flavor of the pancakes are amazing. they're served with hot butter and great syrup. just a great taste. your mom will love them!

              1. re: caitybirdie

                I agree about the pancakes as you describe them, served hot with an amazing flavor AND texture, IF they haven't changed them since the new owners took over! Also the Berry Syrup is really good but the maple is fake stuff, I stick with the Berry Syrup.

              2. re: dinami

                They are above ok. but for great pancakes, go to John O' Groats. On pico. Amazing pancakes, and great biscuits.

                Or the Griddle Cafe-mind blowing pancake creations. Not as good as O'Groats', but more varieties.