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Jun 2, 2007 02:29 AM

Williamsburg, VA - Report on 3 Dinners

Was in Williamsburg for 3 nights and had 3 meals at places suggested by Hounds. All were good. Here are quick summaries:

Fat Canary: Walked in and ate at the bar as there were no tables. Nice citrusy salad made from julienned celeriac. Roasted monkfish with clams and oysters. Cheese plate for dessert. Bottle of an Australian sangiovese blend that they also serve by the glass. Would recommend all of the above.

Blue Talon: Walked in and got a table. Appetizer special was a sauteed soft-shell crab on a bed of greens. Regular Thursday night special was cassoulet. Cheese plate for dessert. Bottle of Cahors (malbec). Would recommend all of the above. Two notes: The cassoulet is enormous, as is the cheese plate. I think both would be better for two. Also, the server could read off the names of the cheeses on the plate but could not say which was which or what order to try them in. Not a professional presentation.

Berret's: Friday night, so I made a reservation which turned out to be unnecessary. Had half a dozen local oysters that were unimpressive. Special was a crab cake and two soft shell crabs skewered on a sprig of rosemary. Finished with the she-crab soup in lieu of dessert. Bottle of Oregon pinot gris. Would recommend all of the above except the oysters.

All in all much better food than I expected in such a touristy area.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I'll have to try Blue Talon next time I'm there for dinner.

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      Blue Talon is one of my favs. hopkid - try a glass of the house red when you go. A bargain.

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        I grew up in Williamsburg, and all 3 of these are since my time there. I do have family still there, though, and, having heard the phrase "large cheese plate," I will definitely head to Blue Talon on my next visit. Thanks for sharing!
        Heather W

        1. re: hmp2z

          When we last visited Williamsburg, we ate 2 dinners and a lunch at Blue Talon, as it was so good. They had then nightly specials and Thursday night's was skatewing - one of the best I ever ate and very fresh. Owner told us he gets the skate delivered only once a week so he gets the freshest. Highly recommend the place.

    2. You have picked the right restaurants in perfect order!! Fat Canary is our favorite! Eating at the bar is just as fun as eating at the table too!

      1. On your next visit, you must hit Christiana Campbell's Tavern - their Sherried Crab Stew is extraordinary. Our family tradition to begin the Christmas Holiday season is Colonial Williamsburg's Grand Illumination, a spectacular evening when candles twinkle in the windows of Historic Area homes and buildings, fatwood crackles in street-side cressets, and the heavens explode with pyrotechnics followed by a wonderful meal at the CC Tavern! The following morning brunch is in order @ The Inn no doubt.