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Jun 2, 2007 12:06 AM

pizza not in decline: LOUIE AND ERNIES in the bronx

the GRIMALDI'S thread reminded me to post this update.

it had been awhile, but i have been to LOUIE AND ERNIE'S several times lately. i typically order two slices and the most recent variety have been plain, pepperoni, anchovies and eggplant. all are delish, but the white has gotta be the one. it may be the best version ever. the ricotta is amazing.

oh i almost forgot to mention, i rotate those slices. the other second slice has been a rock solid standby, those of you that know, know....the sausage. they make their own. you get like ten big spicy chunks per slice. stunning. those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, make your bronx travel plans. it's that good.

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  1. Just lost my L&E virginity today with two sausage slices and a Manhattan Special. That sausage tasted like it just came off a barbecue grill. Fantastic!

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    1. re: guttergourmet

      Thanks for reminding me about this place. I've been meaning to go for ages.
      Stopped by last night. Had a couple of slices of the sausage (with fennel!!). This is the kind of place we need more of in NYC - where the staff actually make you feel at home. I really appreciated their saying hi to me when I came in and "have a nice night" as I was leaving.

    2. I am Bronx-born/raised, and a current resident of Boston where there is a lot of great chow but truly great pizza is harder to find.. Any time I return to visit my dad's business in Westchester Square, I always head over to "duck down" into Louie and Ernie's for a slice or a meatball hero. My dad, aunt, uncles, etc. always took me there when I was younger and every time I go in, I'm pleased to find that the actual experience lives up to the nostalgia... pretty rare these days.

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      1. re: rosie17

        Try Santarpio's in East Boston for a similar experience.

      2. That's one I've been meaning to try for a while. What's parking like over there?

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        1. re: east elmhurst al

          hey look a revived thread!

          parking is easy around there al, it's off in a little neighborhood area of small homes. take the bruckner up & its just north of east tremont. an amazing slice. i went again about a month ago. same as always. get the white and the sausage slices for sure.

          1. re: mrnyc

            Talk to me about the white. It would be hard to pass up the sausage though.

            1. re: guttergourmet

              oh boy. the white. it tastes like eating olive oil and the ricotta like creamy...air? in a good way. heh. try it and see!

          1. Don't forget to visit Teresa's right next door for dessert -- nice Italian Ices !!!

            Teresa's --->

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            1. re: Cheese Boy

              Is Lou & Ernies take-out only, or are there tables to sit down at? Also, what are the best times to go to avoid crowds? Thanks in advance.

              1. re: fourunder

                plenty of seating. avoid after school and weekend prime times.

                oh yeah good tip cb, definately dont forget theresa's too for dessert.

                1. re: mrnyc

                  I finally made it here yesterday.....and i should not have waited so long. My nephew and his girls wanted to go for lunch, so we treked from Bergen County over the GWB with the aid of my GPS. Arrived around 2:00 PM and the place was half full, so seating was not a problem. Looked on wall for the menu and ultimately decides on the recommendation of the owner.....Two Large Pies....One Sausage and the other a White.

                  Both Pizza were excellent.....both even held up great for a later reheat in the evening. In fact, better than any pizza I can remember.

                  Sorry to say we were unable to go for ices....too cold.

                  The next time will be sooner than later. I am very delighted to have made the trip.....even with all the traffic we had to endure coming home.

                  Only 20 minutes to get there, but near an hour to get back. Still worth the time and effort.