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Jun 1, 2007 09:31 PM

Simon's Cafe Sherman Oaks?

How is it? I would like to eat moroccan witout having to shove dollar bills down a lady's skirt. I mean, I enjoy Mon of Tunis immensely. but sometimes I just want a really nice meal without a lot of hoopla.

How is Simon's?

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  1. While I have never tried Simon's, I highly recommend Chameau on Fairfax near Canter's or Tagine on Robertson just north of Wilshire in BH.
    No entertainment whatsoever in either, yet very good food in both.

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    1. re: carter

      I can't eat there, they put nuts in most dishes, I am deathly allergic to nuts.

      Guys, I don't want info on other places. I want to know about Simon's.

    2. We only ate there once. The atmosphere is extremely casual, just a plain room with tables. The food was pretty good. I had the house-made merguez with frites, my husband had a couscous (don't remember if it had nuts but if so I'd bet they could be omitted), don't remember what our friends had. We also shared some appetizers that were decent but apparently not memorable. Definitely no hoopla. When we left we said we'd return but we haven't so far, although it was only a few months ago.

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      1. re: Debbie W

        I thought the food was very good. They had a nice hummous appetizer also.
        When I went the place was empty. I'm glad it's still around. I would go back.

      2. I also ate there a few months ago & really enjoyed it. Very low-key, casual. Solid Moroccan cuisine; it appears that it's family-run & everything's cooked to order (so you could talk to them about the nuts). It's not the kind of "wow" food that you get @ Chameau for example, but it's not trying to be---it's much less expensive, just more of a good, dependable neighborhood restaurant.

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        1. re: archer

          Seems like that place is always empty, I wonder how they stay in business... specially since there is no longer any parking on sepulveda in front of all those restaurants...

          1. re: barcelona

            Simon is a sweet man. The Lamb Tagine is very good, so is his eggplant appetizer. Dh likes his merquez as well and he makes a better caesar salad than the Italian place next door! Park in the rear and have a QUIET evening where you can hear your dinner partner's words! :-) A nice neighborhood restaurant..