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Jun 1, 2007 08:51 PM

Why does the Valley shut down at night.

It's always so disappointing driving around Studio City, Sherman Oaks, even Burbank and seeing everything closed. I know that there are some 24 hours places, but I want a real variety of places to go...not just diners and doughnut shops. There used to be a great place open until midnight where you could get crépes and other dessert, but now they close at 8. There's gotta be someplace to go.

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  1. There is... a lot of places stay open past 8.

    Aroma cafe, the one in tarzana.

    Most of the big restauraunts

    Try la frite for crepes.

    1. Casa Vega, a Mexican restaurant, is open late. It's on Ventura in Sherman Oaks.

      1. Believe it or not, there are other parts of the Valley besides SO, SC and Burbank.

        I'm not making a long list... but to start off the discussion, Sanamluang, Krua Thai and Swan Thai, all within six blocks of each other on Sherman Way near Coldwater Canyon, are all open until 3 AM. Sanamluang even has a special menu of stuff unavailable at other times. This is some of the best and most authentic Thai food in LA.

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          I too love North Hollywood Thai places, but like the OP, I agree it's hard to find any variety open late in the Val. Where can one go for example for a good glass of wine and a light bistro-style supper after 10 or so, after an 8 PM movie? It's very frustrating!

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            There is more and more animation coming to the valley, I think we have the best Sushi, and Thai food anywhere.

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              Bizou is often open; Stanley's is open until at least 11; I've had 10:45 reservations at Ca del Sole...

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            1. Brother's Sushi opens until 10:00 a.m., so you can walk in at 9:00ish or 9:30 p.m. and still get seated.

              BCD Tofu in Reseda opens until midnight.

              I think Casa De Carlos opens until 11 on Friday and Saturday, but the food is mediocre.

              Sam Woo's usually opens very, very late.