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Jun 1, 2007 08:39 PM

Which Frozen Chinese Dumplings Do you Buy?

Was in the new Super 88 in Malden. Much bigger than the one in Chinatown. Very impressed. Wondering which brand of Chinese dumplings do people recommend. I prefer pork but open to any. Also, does anybody recommend which dim sum items or buns that people like. Call me crazy but I like the Trader Joes dumplings the best so far. Have tried a few of the Chinese ones, but either too doughy or not enough taste.

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  1. i buy them frozen from wangs in somerville.

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        one other tip if you're headed out to the 88 in malden: right nearby on commercial is dom's, a solid old-style sausage place that makes a right good chinese sausage. the italian ones are good as well. worth an extra stop if you're out that way.

          1. re: Rubee

            just to clarify, it's more a chinese-style sausage that dom's carries rather than an authentic type.

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              And while you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop at the Piantedosi warehouse on Commercial STreet- just a few doors down from Dom's, heading towards Boston. Great bread and rolls at dirt cheap prices.

        1. We buy ours from Qingdao in Cambridge - much better than anything in the case at Super 88. I can't remember the co. that makes the ones I like the best at Super 88 - they have a very plain, utilitarian label and no picture - I believe they're made locally (but could be the distributor, again, my memory is not good on this). The pork ones have black writing on the label, some other kind has all green writing, etc.

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            You're describing the Chinese Spaghetti Factory dumplings, which I've found to be very good. Almost as good as Wang's & Qingdao.


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              Yes- those are the ones i get.

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                I've bought those at Super 88 in Malden. They were demoing it one week in the front of the store so I picked up a few bags. They say "Chinese Brand Pork Dumpling" on them.

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                  Yes yes! These are the ones - thanks, all.

          2. I have bought dumplings at both Qingdao Garden and Wang's and slightly prefer Qingdao's. I found the dumplings from Wang's to have overly thick skins. Both are far better than any I've ever gotten from a store, though.

            1. I've bought from both Wang's (Somerville) and MuLan (Cambridge) - happy with each.

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                thanks. appreciate everyone's input!

              2. you are totally not crazy. I think the Trader Joe's shrimp ones are great.