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Jun 1, 2007 08:35 PM

Rita's - Is it really "Happiness"?

There is a new "Rita's Ice Custard Happiness" coming to Westfield, NJ. I have never been to a Rita, but always in search for a new flavor kick I would certainly try.

I'm usually a bit hesitant about ice cream chains. In my opinion, they essentially dispense individual portions of a massproduced mainstream product that you could buy at the supermarket, give it a fancy name and charge a multiple of the price.

From the Website, Rita's seems to have confusing selection of Italian Ice, Frozen Custards and several combinations thereoff. There is a Blendini, Misto and Gelati. (The latter one doesn't look like it has anything to do with actual Italian Gelato).

Any recommendations what's worthwhile and what flavors are good.

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  1. rita's is wonderful. the selection of flavors changes constantly (mango or root beer are my faves but i try to sample others with subsequent visits). the soft serve frozen custard mixed WITH the ice sounds odd but try it, it works!!! as far as gelati goes, i think thats just another word they use for their soft serve. they don't carry gelato in the traditional sense (i'm sure this could change since it's a seasonal operation) from what i've seen in the past.
    give em a try, the water ices are the main draw imho, rita's means summer has arrived in nj.

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      Spinach, thanks for your response. You convinced me. I will try them and I really have a mango fetish, too.

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        Mango Ice with their vanilla custard (what they call a gelati), yumm!!!

    2. I don't know what a blendini is, but I can clear up the difference between a misto and a gelati.

      A gelati is layers of your choice of water ice and your choice of custard in a cup. You eat with a spoon and you have the choice of eating the ingredients separately, or combining them together, because of the way they are layered in the cup.

      A misto whirls the custard and water ice in a cup, and you drink it with a straw. Similar to a milkshake, but not as thick and more icy. It's good in it's own way, and more convenient to drink in the car than eating a gelati.

      Then you can order a water ice by itself, or custard by itself. The water ice is very good, especially if you stay with the natural fruit flavors. Mango is one of my favorites, along with black cherry. Most of their fruit ices have actual chunks of fruit in them.

      Enjoy! If there's one thing I miss about my hometown, it's the Rita's!

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        Good explanations on the misto and gelati. I always describe the misto as a type of smoothie.

        The blendini is their version of an Arctic Swirl where they mix in toppings (oreo's, m and m's, nilla wafers, etc) with their ice and custard

      2. Count me in as another Rita's fan. Love Melon Twister mistos. Just can't afford to splurge on misto's/gelatis too often.

        1. We just got 2 Ritas in my area of Ohio. Went in, realized that they do not carry peanut butter anything, no fresh bananas, no name brand Oreos and that was quite enough for me.

          1. Rita's real fruit ices are fabulous. Try the green apple if they have it. The sugar free flavors are, unfortunately, not very good. The frozen custard (soft ice cream) is the richest and creamiest I've ever had