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Jun 1, 2007 08:09 PM

Anyone ever have the Chateaubriand at Keens?

I want to try their Chateaubriand for two and want to know if anyone has ever had it. My favorite cut is the Porterhouse (Luger is my favorite restaurant) and I know Keens is supposed to do a great porterhouse as well. Which is better?

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  1. Never had it, but the prime rib hash in the pub is delicious!

    1. For beef at Keen's I'd say the mastodontic rib chop can't be beat... but between Chateaubriand and Porterhouse I think the latter would be a no-brainer. IMHO pure tenderloin cuts are just bland albeit tender vessels for sauce. And you do get a bit of filet on the porterhouse anyway.

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      1. re: snaporaz

        Rib chop meaning prime rib or ribeyee??

      2. try their mutton chops, its like eating filet mignon. and probably the only place that has mutton chops is Keene's

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        1. re: burp

          While Keens signature dish is the "mutton" chop, we all know now that it isn't actually mutton.

          And, btw, the lamb chops are sensational!

          1. re: burp

            im a steakman and thats what i want but i have heard about their mutton chops.