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Jun 1, 2007 07:44 PM

Globe Bistro???

Looking to take out a friend/client for dinner while she's in town. Anyone have thoughts on Globe? The menu reads well and while she is a foodie, she can have her moods (some days she will want to try exotic dishes and other days she simply wants a salad). I thought that Globe's menu will cover any food mood swings she may have.

Other restaurants i thought of were Cava, Coca and La Palette.

thoughts? suggestions?

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  1. I've been singing the praises of Globe here and elsewhere for some time. Have been for dinner twice and brunch close to a dozen times, yet to have a bad experience and the food has been consistently excellent. The menu should be diverse enough to please anyone. Go to Globe, I'm sure it won't disappoint.

    As for the others on your list... yet to try Cava but will soon, looking forward to it. Coca generally gets mixed reviews and La Palette is more of a standard french bistro.

    1. Globe is excellent. Fresh local food. Good service and reasonable markups on wines.Really a Bistro, but more upscale than most.
      Cava is overpriced, extremely noisy and average food.
      Coca is more relaxed, younger crowd, and closer to a true tapas bar. I've always had excellent food there and wines are fairly priced.
      La Palette (IMO) has gone seriously downhill in the last couple of years. Service is sloppy and food OK but has lost its earlier zing.

      1. i had dinner at globe a week or so ago. it was fantastic.

        1. I had dinner back in december there and my dad just went last week with co workers and said it was incredible again, so it sounds like they are still going strong. Word is they're working on a roof top patio! CANT WAIT!

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            There used to be a big rooftop patio there when it was Panama Joe's.

            I'm surprised that Globe isn't mentioned more often, I love the food there.