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Jun 1, 2007 06:29 PM

Chicago style hot dogs...ingredients in Dallas?

We used to live in Chicago for many years before moving to Dallas and my wife (who's incidentally expecting our first child soon) has the craving for a Chicago style hot dog.

I am looking for some assistance in tracking down where I could buy some of the below ingredients,

- Sweet pickle relish
- Sport peppers
- Poppy seed buns

Any advice would rock. Thanks!

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  1. Just go up to Grapevine to Weinberger's Deli........authentic Chicago style deli, with delicious Chicago style hot dogs. Corner of Main and College Street. Worth a trip. Best wishes for a healthy and happy new baby!

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    1. re: powella

      Weinberger's is pretty close, but it is no Portillo's for sure...if we could just get a franchise to open a Portillo's here in Dallas we'd be set for life!!

      1. re: mlschot

        I would weigh 500 lbs if Portillo's opened here.

      2. re: powella

        We had a chance to go to Weinberger's this weekend and it was excellent! Thank you so much for the tip. I'll also check out Harrys soon.

      3. Ok, so this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but the best sweet pickle relish I've ever had comes from this company.

        I know they sell at Central Market. I think it'd be killer on a chicago dog. They've actually been written about in the Chicago tribune.

        1. Harry's on Knox sells a Chicago dog - but more importantly, they will sell you the neon green pickle relish in any size of their styrofoam containers from small to large. He'll also sell the sport peppers. I've never asked about the poppy seed buns but I'm guessing they would sell you those as well. He's cheaper than buying it online from Vienna Beef.

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          1. re: queenie

            I second Wild About Harry's on Knox. Bes sure to pick up some frozen custard for dessert.

          2. Try The Dog Stop on Arapaho just west of Hillcrest for the best Chicago-style hot dogs in Dallas. They also have Maxwell Street Chicago style; Polish style; Philly style and many others... very good place for hot dog lovers.

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