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Jun 1, 2007 05:21 PM

Driving to OBX from NYC...recs?

Driving form NYC to Hatteras....anybody have a rec on this route they'd like to share? Would especially like seafood or BBQ recs....

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  1. There's a great BBQ place somewhere on the way, I think it was in Virginia someplace. I'm pretty positive it was Formy's - excellent caramel cake too. I'd call first to make sure they still exist - this blurb I found is from a while ago (I haven't been there in a few years).

    Of course, you probably won't be taking that route, we were coming from NJ, down to Cape May and putting our car onto the ferry and driving through Delaware, etc. But, just in case you are, figured I'd put this here.

    "Name: Formy's Pit Barbecue
    Address: 34446 Lankford Highway
    City: Painter
    State: va
    Phone: 757-442-2426
    Meat: 4
    Sauce: 5
    Sides: 4
    Service: 4.5
    Atmosphere: 4.5
    Overall: 4.5
    Date: 10-11-03
    User: Tom Schwartz
    Date: 10/11/2003
    Time: 10:55:40 PM


    I liked the sauce's, the smoked chicken was great, the pulled pork was super and the country setting was like going back 30 years ago, great service. I went to Formy's on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon and liked so much I bought the business"

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      Cancel that. Just found out it's closed. Someone else posted nearly the same request traveling from NJ and another person said it closed 2 years ago, too bad, it was good!

    2. howboy, What route will you be taking?

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        My friends are doing the driving.......I think NJ turnpike to rte 13....just found out we're staying in chesapeake the first nite to break up the trip....then going over the chespaekae bay bridge and tunnel....

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          Can't offer any seafood or bbq recs, but there's the well-known diner (at least, in NJ), Mastoris, in Bordentown.

      2. In Exmore, VA, there's a restaurant called The Trawler. I've stopped there a number of times en route to or from OBX, but I will add that it's been a few years. Good crabcakes, as I recall. I just looked it up (because i couldn't remember the name, just the location) and here's a link:

        Also on the VA section of Rt. 13, there are several little BBQ places. I found one (and darn, I can't find the menu to tell me the name), but I can see it now - a one-story white building on the left as you're heading south. If I can find the name, I'll let you know.

        That's an enjoyable route to OBX, once you get out of the Delaware congestion. Have fun!

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          Thanks- Ii am from the Boston area, and we go to the OBX every other year. We hve found taking rt 13 the best way to go for us- especially as we leave on a Friday, and want to avoid DC area on Friday afternoon. So many places on Rt 13- we never knew where to stop. I will bookmark this post, and try the Trawler on our next visit.

        2. Below is what I posted on another question regarding travel down the Delmarva:

          Not much to speak of anywhere on the route unless you get off Rt. 13 and into some of the small towns like Onancock, VA or Cape Charles, VA (right before the CBBT). I have been travelling that route to Duck, NC from New Jersey for about 25 years and the only really great stop was a place in Exmore, VA, right on Rt. 13 called Formys BBQ. It had awesome Eastern Carolina BBQ, but sadly it closed two years ago. Hoping someone will pick up the business. There is a place called Stingrays, again right on Rt. 13 not far from the CBBT that offers local favor with decent food.