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Jun 1, 2007 05:17 PM

MD/DE Crab Shacks?

Will be spending a week in Aberdeen, Md. end of June and interested in local seafood, especially crabs. Prefer casual, kid friendly all-you-can-smash type crab places. Any other good seafood places would be appreciated anywhere between Balt. and Philly and east to the Atlantic. Thanks!

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  1. I was in Edgewood once and I think I remeber a place called Woody's. Hole in the wall kind of place with newspapers on the tables. It was pretty good a few yeaqrs ago.

    1. I am in Bel Air and there is a place called Wet Willys. it is located on highway 40 a.k.a. Pulaski Hwy. They have a good place to eat and they also have the place that you take your mallet and smack the crabs. It has a real good beach theme going for them. But don’t wait to long. The last time I was there they ran out of crabs for the day and that was at 530 pm. They have plenty of other things to make up for that. The address is

      2207 Pulaski Hwy Edgewood, MD (you can find it in mapquest) if you go make sure that you go to the deck in the back because that is the place that you sit and eat!!!! I hope that this helps you out.


      1. Johnny Apple wrote an epic piece on crab shacks in the Times about a year or two before he died. I think he said the holy grail of crab shacks is in the gritty town of Dundalk.

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          My favorite is the Tap Room in Chesapeake City MD...also a bunch of great ones on St Michaels island near anapolis

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            The place in Dundalk may have been Costas Inn on Northpoint Blvd. Baltimore area chowhounds seem to favor Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn in nearby Essex nowadays. It's on Eastern Ave. a little east of Back River.

          2. We were in Havre de Grace a couple of weekends ago, and had take-out crabs from Price's Seafood. We brought them to a nearby park right at the water's edge and had a great picnic. Havre de Grace is a really pretty little town with a short but scenic boardwalk promenade/nature trail.

            This article lists quite a few other "Seafood Dives" in MD and DE. http://www.coastalliving.com/coastal/...