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Jun 1, 2007 05:15 PM

Fun Suggestions for Dinner post-Disney Hall tonight?

Any thoughts about where to go for a later dinner after the Philharmonic? Something casual and fun.... (In other words, not Patina.) Also, a cuisine that is not carbohydrate-based -- no pizza, pasta, or noodles. Usually, we'd go to Soot Bull Jeep or Dan Sung Sa, but my husband is resisting Korean food tonight because we'll be having it on Sunday. (Personally, I could eat at Soot Bull daily. I love me some carcinogens!)


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  1. Sushi of choice would obviously qualify, and many in Little Tokyo area are open late, like R-23, etc.
    Blair's in Silver Lake, Chinese in Chinatown, Mexican in nearly all four directions, vermont in Los Feliz.
    suppose the direction you are going when you leave might add to the convenience factor.

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    1. re: carter

      We live near Hancock Park, if that helps.

    2. Did they play Prokofiev? I'm going tonight.

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      1. re: Mr.Ramen

        No Prokofiev -- Thursday and Friday's offering was music behind the Iron Curtain, a different program than Saturday's, but all part of the same Shadow of Stalin series. Saturday's Alexander Nevsky program sounded awesome, tho'. Hope you enjoyed!

        Meanwhile, we ended up at Taylor's Steakhouse, which was totally fun. Meat was tasty (we ordered prime rib and skirt steak), side dishes were whatever (bland creamed spinach), but it was a delightfully kitschy experience overall. Reminded me of going out to dinner with the fam as a little kid -- red leather booths, iceberg lettuce, etc. :) And great service, as it turned out. We're not really steakhouse fans and we'd never been to Taylor's before. While we won't rush back, it was definitely an enjoyable evening and we'll probably, eventually return.

        1. re: hungrygirl106

          I usually just leave downtown and head back to LA or even take the 10 and go to the beach for dinner !!!