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Jun 1, 2007 05:05 PM

Los Feliz sushi help

Was told about a place on Beverly around Virgil, apparently on the south side of the street that is supposed to be excellent. Any help is appreciated.


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  1. That would be Shibucho.
    3114 W Beverly Blvd.

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      1. re: jurmanji

        Never been to Shibucho. Usually I go downtown (J-Town) for sushi. How does it compare to other Los Feliz sushi bars, say versus En on Hillhurst?

        1. re: foodmonster

          It's original (been there 25 years +, I believe), and fairly expensive, not trendy or derivative. Shige had been, for some folks, one of the original models of capricious "sushi Nazis" in Los Angeles (Nozawa being the other infamous one), but nobody faults his fish, knife work, or taste. There's also rumors he's getting nicer w/ age. He has a soft spot for serving wine, and european deserts, both excellent, neither cheap.

          Also go to Saito's.

          1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

            If you are up for a tiny Drive there are lots of FANTASTIC places in Studio city (Matsuda, Asanebo)