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Jun 1, 2007 05:01 PM

Baby's First Birthday Party

Any suggestions on a restaurant where I can have a baby's first birthday party with about 25-30 people on a Sunday afternoon / early evening in August? Not too expensive. Thanks.

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  1. We had my daughter's 2nd birthday party last October at Totonno's on 26th & 2nd. It was around lunch time on a Sunday. I know that a lot of people here will say that the food isn't good at that location. We happen to like it. And, they have an upstairs room that is the perfect size for that many people. Additionally, they bent over backwards to make sure that everyone had everything that they needed and the pizzas and salads were as fresh as can be. They can do a more substantial menu, but we chose just to have a variety of pizzas and salads. It's very reasonably priced and the food was more than enough for the amount of people that we had.

    I would definitely recommend it.

    1. Gwen Stefani just threw a birthday party for her 1 year old baby at Otto! So there you go!