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Oct 25, 2005 03:33 AM

Won Ton Noodle Soup @ Daimo, San Leandro

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Friday night I stopped at Daimo in San Leandro. The won tons with noodles is very good. Springy noodles that snap at you, complex yet light soup stock, and big shrimp-filled dumplings.

It was funny to read Margret's post that the won tons are too big here with too much shrimp. That's what I liked about them. The won tons at Jook 'n' Fun in SF are actually bigger than these. I'd say it's a toss-up between the two, a tie.



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    Bob Huenemann

    When we are in a hurry, we often wind up at New Tung Kee Noodle House #4 in the San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View. I like the Won Ton Noodle combination, because it has a few won ton and noodles, along with a few shrimp, a couple of beef balls, and some chicken. A small version is $4.50 and is usually as much as I want to eat. I also like the Pad Thai here, and several other dishes.

    I know there are probably dozens of better places, but the food here is not bad and is incredibly fast if that is a factor. A waiter with a wireless handset is at your table in less than a minute, and while I have never timed it, my guess is that the food arrives in about five minutes.

    Of course it does not look as good as the photo in Melanie's post..........

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    1. re: Bob Huenemann

      I haven't ventured into any of the New Tung Kee or the TK Noodle shops yet. They have a lot of fans.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I was raised going to TK when I visited my Dad in the South Bay. I always order the #8(just noodles) or 9 at TK, which has both yellow noodles and wontons and a fresh oj. I'm not sure how much of my attachment to TK is nostalgia, but I do love the style of noodles that the serve. Remarkably consistent too.
        I also remember when the original TK near 7th and WIlliam St. in downtown San Jose had a big communal table and was a lot louder and dirtier than the current, modeled after McDonald's incarnations. The Daly City branch is one of my least favorites, but I still go b/c it's closest to the city.
        Also went to New TK, which is good, but my allegiance is w/ the og.

        1. re: Candice

          If Daly City's your least favorite, which ones do you feel are the best of the group?

          1. re: Melanie Wong
            Bob Huenemann

            I have to admit that the broth at New Tung Kee is just straight chicken stock. Pretty boring. With their volume, I don't suppose anything simmers for long.

    2. Thanks for the update, Melanie. Most of my friends like the large wontons and it's the preferred prep in Vancouver and HK as well. For me, maybe I'm just a little nostalgic and like the bite size ones with a little more meat... Also, agree on the Jook n Fun wontons too. Jook n Fun has many interesting combinations of dishes and they noted that given enough notice, they will prepare any dish/combination you'd like for dinner. This would be similar to the new style in HK and Shanghai where you get an equivalent of a home cooked style meal at a restaurant.


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      1. re: Margret

        Actually, in HK (Hong Kong Island), wontons ARE bite sized because they give you more than 3 per bowl. Go to any wonton noodle house in Central and you can see for yourself. However, venture out into Kowloon and New Territories, and you will see some big plumpy wontons filled with three shrimps, pork, and shitake mushrooms.

        1. re: Mike Lee

          This really belongs on the international board but briefly, there are hugh ones on hk island as well. However, you are right re: the small ones in Central. On my recent visit, the best was Law Foo Kee in Central. Apologies to the board monitor.

        2. re: Margret

          For wontons, I prefer Win's over Jook and Fun. The version at Win's offers a better balance of pork and shrimp, more in line with your "nostalgic" yearnings.

          1. re: Wai Bong

            Hi there, good to see you again!

            I haven't been to Win's yet, you must be happy it reopened. Still the same?

            While we're doing a round-up of the best won ton mein, anyone been to Ming Tai on Noriega lately?


            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Yep! Still the same. I especially like the broth which has a stronger hint of the "jaw hou yu" flavor(translated literally as "left mouth fish" aka dried flounder)than the soups at other wonton places that I've tried. Jaw Hou Yu is typically added to the chicken stock to give the wonton soup its distintive taste.

              Win's also makes good jook, especially the Pei Dan Sou Yuk jook and the Pork Organ (Kup Deh)jook. I think they give you a whole Pei Dan.

              1. re: Wai Bong

                I now have no excuse not to make the trip and try win's. I think it's been over 10 years since I've been there. What else do you recommend besides the wontons and the jook? How are their bbq stuff?


                1. re: Margret

                  Their BBQ items are pretty standard fare, on par with that of Cheung Hing's. I usually order the two BBQ items plate consisting of cha siu and roast duck. Top that off with some wontons/jook and a platter of their tender gai lan with oyster sauce and you've got your "nostalgic" comfort meal.

                2. re: Wai Bong

                  Thanks, I've always wondered what that dried seafood taste is in wonton soup and had thought it might be shrimp shells or dried shrimp powder. Daimo was a bit lighter on that quality, which may be why I liked the stock a bit better than Jook N Fun's.

                  Here's the contact info for Win's.

                  Win's Restaurant
                  (415) 759-1818
                  3040 Taraval St
                  San Francisco, CA 94116


                  1. re: Wai Bong


                    Actually, I'm quite familiar with both Jook n Fun and Win's.

                    My opinion is that Win's broth is better, and their noodles have slightly better elasticity. I didn't know that the broth gets its taste from Jou-Ho-Yu!!! Total Secret!

                    At Jook n Fun, I think the wonton is better; more like new-style HK wontons (with little if no pork and all shrimp) ... that's just the style I like. The noodles are pretty good.

                    The thing with Win's is that that have the most delicious and tender roast BBQ pork, and when I got wonton noodles, I get BBQ pork wonton noodles. On a good day, I think Cheung Hing on Noreiga almost reaches Win's BBQ pork prefection ... but alas, not quite.

                    1. re: Jason in SF

                      The BBQ pork at Win's is hard to beat, especially when it's fresh from the oven.

                      Speaking of the wonton broth, the next time your're at Win's, see if you notice any hint of carrot and soybean sprouts in the broth. These ingredients are often used to add a sweet overtone to balance the saltiness of the broth.

                      1. re: Wai Bong

                        Okay, I was @ Win's last night after getting hungry reading this thread, and, of course, I had BBQ wonton noodle.

                        Here are my observations:

                        The wonton @ Win's is much inferior to the wonton @ Jook Fun. The wonton @ Win's tastes like frozen shrimp, and the shrimp have an artificially-snappy texture. Moreover, the filling isn't quite as well balanced with other tastes (maybe its sesame oil??) as Jook Fun.

                        Definitely the broth @ Win's has sweet overtones. At first I thought maybe it was the BBQ pork's sweetness leaking out into the broth, but then I realized that the sweetness is built into the broth. Maybe there's too much sweetness. Actually, now I think the taste of the broth at Jook Fun has superior taste to the broth @ Win's ... except that the taste of the broth @ Jook Fun is not nearly concentrated enough. Does this make sense?

                        Win's Broth = good but slightly too sweet. Strength of the taste is good.
                        Jook Fun Broth = More approriate balance of saltiness and taste than Win's, except that the taste is too weak.

              2. re: Margret

                I tried to look up Jook 'n Fun but couldn't find anything - what's the address, please?

                1. re: Gordon Wing

                  Jook n Fun took over Taiwan Point's space at 1920 Irving in SF. Same block as New Cheung Hing, I think.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    thanks Melanie....

                    1. re: Gordon Wing

                      I'll be interested in your opinion of Jook n Fun's wontons. They're huge and nearly globular. The wrapper just barely makes it all the way around. They look more like siu mai than a delicately wrapped wonton.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong
                        ChowFun (derek)

                        Went to Jook and Fun yesterday for lunch and had the wonton/dumpling combination....I didn't lack for things to chew! Incredibly large and filled with whole shrimp, pork and mushrooms...these were on steroids, and I enjoyed every bite (and there were a lot of them!)
                        The broth wasn't bad, but didn't come close to the wontons and dumplings in quality.
                        I'll return..I must try their Jook..but they are not open for breakfast.. they open at 11am..till 11pm

                        1. re: ChowFun (derek)

                          I had the combo too. I much preferred the wontons to the dumplings (sui gow) which had too much pork and cloud ears for my taste.

                          Yep, I find it frustrating that a jook joint doesn't open before 11am. I haven't had the jook yet.

                          1. re: Melanie Wong
                            ChowFun (derek)

                            The problem is how do you get the Jook and still fulfill your Wonton can you get them as a side I wonder?!!!

              3. Sadly this reminds me that the local Daimo here in Sacramento is no longer... it was Margaret's original post that lead me to find their new location here...

                Looks like we'll be stopping by their Richmond location next time we head to Berkley.

                Thanks Melanie!

                1. We had to be in San Leandro the other day so I quickly jumped onto Chowhound (Ctrl-F San Leandro) and came up with this post on Daimo! Hit driving directions on Yahoo (no GPS in the car yet...) and after we visited the granite yard to lay out our counter tops, suggested to DH that we needed a bit of lunch as I was feeling peckish...

                  It was getting late in the afternoon but we made it in before they shut down at 3:00 (I think). We shared a nice bowl of the wonton and dumpling soup which we enjoyed very much. Our first experience with this type of won ton; they are very substantial indeed, larger than a golf ball. There were 3 of each plus 1 small halved baby bok choy. The broth was very flavorful but it could have been hotter.

                  We wanted something else but not a whole meal so we ordered the salt and pepper squid. This was pieces of the large squid rather than rings & tentacles of smaller squid. It had a nice crispy coating with good salt and pepper flavor but what really made it yummy were the crunchy slices of fried garlic and bits of chile pepper.

                  The restaurant is rather small but attractively decorated with blond wood, stylish contemporary chairs and wall sconces.

                  There were the usual paper menu specials on the wall on the other side from where we were sitting but there was a couple sitting at the table right below them. I couldn't read them that well from where we were and didn't want to walk over and read them over the couple who were eating their lunch but I think one of them read "Snake Soup = $12.95.

                  Parking was easy on the side street (don't park in the B of A lot - they'll have you towed....)

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                  1. re: RWCFoodie

                    Glad you enjoyed it! The San Leandro location is much smaller and has nicer decor than the Richmond location. I havne't had enough of the menu to judge whether one's better than the other. But I was happy with my one sample at San Leandro, whereas I've never quite felt comfortable or taken care of at Daimo in Richmond.