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Jun 1, 2007 05:00 PM

SAF looking for SGF (sushi-grade fish)

I recently had the most amazing sushi at Sebo. The raw scallops melted in my mouth. I could easily have eaten $100 in sushi in one sitting . . .

I'd like to try and make some sushi and tartare at home now. Any suggestions on sources in San Francisco for high quality great, fresh sushi-grade fish that are open to the public? I buy salmon at the Ferry Building farmer's market when it's in season, but I'm hoping to find something that has a wider, year-round selection.


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  1. In SF, I've found sushi-grade fish at the super market in the Japan Town mall. I don't know the name of it, but the entrance is on Post and is accessible on street level.

    Also, if you're ever down in Half Moon Bay, the fresh seafood market at the corner of Hwys 1 & 92 has sushi-grade tuna (and maybe more, I'm not sure).

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    1. re: jcarlile

      That would be Nijiya in Japantown.

    2. Besides J-town, Nikko Fish Market out in Potrero/3rd St has very good fish.

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      1. re: ML8000

        >Nikko Fish Market out in Potrero/3rd St has very good fish.
        are you talking about the place at illinois and 16th?
        does that place still exist or did they move or ...

        i see this:
        across town ... unaffiliated? different branch? or moved location?
        [from the yelp comment, it sound like they are related but not
        clear what is status of the place in the "docklands"


        ok tnx

        1. re: psb

          Yes, the place off 3rd/east of Pot Hill. But you know I don't know. Might not exist given 3rd has been "raised" and Mission Bay has taken over. Same name so it could be.

      2. Here is a slightly older thread on this topic. I second Nijiya in J-town.

        1. Uoki K, Sakai on Post near Buchannan. Usually 4-5 choices.
          The ferry building fish market (the one by the mushroom store) has had live scallop and live uni lately.