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Jun 1, 2007 03:58 PM

Korean near Ardmore?

As much as I love Sangkee, I've got to expand my Asian eating horizons in and around Ardmore. Any Korean recommendations? Indian? (and don't say Khajuraho, please, or your reputation is shot with me). Japanese beyond the always wonderful Samurai in Rosemont?

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  1. I don't know about any Korean near Ardmore but there is a very nice Vietnamese restaurant in Bryn Mawr next to the movie theater.

    1. Hello fellow Ardmoreite! I too love SangKee. I have treid many of the other Asian restaurants in the area, but none quite live up to Sang Kee. I have yet to find a Korean restaurant in the area. There are some good Thai restaurants (Thai Pepper in Ardmore, and Silk Cuisine in Bryn Mawr). I also really like the newish Vietnamese in Brynmawr (next to Subway). I have yet to be dissapointed by them, except for yesterday when I wanted to go for lunch and they weren't open.

      1. Is there still that tiny Japanese grocery store and lunch counter in Narberth? It's like behind the main row of stores, across a parking lot. Thank you.

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        1. There is a Korean/Japanese place in Conshohocken called Stonewell. It's on Ridge Pike between Chemical and Butler. I haven't been there in a long time, but it was good when I was last there.

          1. I really wish I knew what everyone's finding so fabulous about Sang Kee. We've been three times and each time the food was perfectly acceptable but in no way anything special or anything to get excited about. I thought the potstickers were mediocre, the soups bland, and the salt and pepper squid underseasoned.

            I'm curious about the Khajuraho hate, as it's almost universally considered the best Indian in the area.

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              I agree with you about Sang Kee being mediocre. However, I think that it's really one of the better "ethnic" restaurants on the main-line. I think the food out there tends to be sort of boring--it's really boring steak and potatoes and fusion up the wazoo... So I think because it's different without being in Chinatown--people think it's great.

              I also think that Khajuraho is fantastic. I used to live around there and then I moved out into the city and while there are more choices, I have not found another Indian restaurant's food to be as flavorful as the food there. I think a lot of people think the food there is greasy but I wonder if that type of cuisine is meant to be a bit oily.

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                Have you tried Tiffin yet? I was a big Khajuraho fan when I lived in Media, but I've noticed a decline in quality there in the past year or so. Tiffin is fantastic, I think it may be better than Khajuraho ever was. It's on Girard Ave. near 7th.

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                  I think that there are just a small handful of items on the sangkee menu which are really well done, and if you happen to go there and "order correctly" you will love it. I have had some really bad meals - the seafood curry bake, the minced chicken in lettuce cups, the scallops in xo sauce - all things I tried and thought - ick. But a handful of soups, the peking duck, and the thai curry flounder are what keep us coming back