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Jun 1, 2007 03:58 PM

best *tomatillo* salsa?

Tomatillos are so cute and so delightfully tangy. I picked up a bunch today and I can't wait for them to work their magic. I'm always thrilled, whipping them into salsas. I'd like to try grilling them first until blackened with a serrano I think, and then into the blender with cilantro, onion, the usual suspects.

Anybody have great tips or a go-to tomatillo salsa recipe they love? Or other cool creative ways to prepare them?

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  1. Tomatillo Salsa Verde

    1 lb (about a dozen) fresh tomatillos, husked, washed, and cut into quarters.
    1 cup chopped white onion.
    3 or 4 chopped serrano or jalapeno chiles, seeds and all
    Several cloves of garlic
    1/4 cup fresh cilantro.
    1 tsp sugar
    1/2 tsp salt

    Put all of this in a blender or food processor and process until minced finely. Add sugar and salt or to taste and let sit refrigerated for a couple of hours.

    The salsa will keep refrigerated for several weeks. It can be adjusted for hotness and amount of cilantro.

    This is HOT STUFF - Very Hot! I call this my "Salsa Starter," freeze it into ice cubes, and use the cubes as the hot ingredient in my salsas and Mexican dishes.

    A variation is to (1) heat in a saucepan until tomatillos are soft, then blend, and (2) leave cilantro out of the mixture, but add the chopped cilantro in after processing.

    1. Last night I made a fairly decent chicken dish with a similar salsa to yours. I just left the cilantro till the end, browned the chicken, added the 'salsa' and cooked it through then added the Cilantro, the juice of a lime, a dash of Worchester Sauce and served it with grilled courgettes and rice.

      1. Please let us know how the grilling turns out; interesting idea, but suggest not using too hot a fire. I make a very basic sauce: no onion, just the tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, serrano, and little salt. The sauce can also be blended with guacamole for a nice variation, good with chicken.

        1. I think I'll grill them in foil packets -- Flay suggests getting them "blackened" first, then quickly sauteeing. Maybe I would put them directly on the grill to blacken? Hmm. They seem sensitive :) so I'd feel better using the foil. Plus, every time I slap veggies in foil and grill I'm wow-ed by the results.

          Then there's the final texture -- I usually blend it all until smooth but I might just puree some this time and see how I like the chunkier version. I think I'll do two batches and have sweety and others taste test.

          Hey janeer -- I'm in RI too! :)

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            You can also char the veggies on the stove top in cast iron or another heavy pan.

          2. I roast them in the oven until soft and blackened - let them cool and add white onions ( soaked in cold water & drained) jalapeno, cilantro, sugar, salt and water and puree.