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Jun 1, 2007 03:51 PM

Hamilton Heights Restaurants

My friend is moving into a new place on 143rd street and Convent but he does not know any good restaurants up there. My wife and I are taking him out for dinner tomorrow and I was wondering what is a good place near by for a nice evening. Also, are there any can't miss places around there that he should know about.


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  1. I like Londel's for sit-down atmosphere, good food. Copeland's has been around for years (tired decor), but Londel's is nicer. SKIP BAYOU. Mobay's on 125 St is very good--but can be very crowded on weekends. Hudson River Cafe looks interesting if we have good weather--I haven't been yet. Dinosaur BBQ is by the Hudson as well.

    1. Ora pretty much hit them all on the head but do a Harlem search also to get the full story on the handful of good places. Since she has extended all the way down to 125th (which is outside of Hamilton Heights) we may as well throw The Den and M&G into the mix. The Den makes a great Turkey burger. Don't go on a weekend though because it is more lounge vibe than a place to get a bite. Also, Londel's closes early on Sunday (right after brunch). Also, there are vegetarian options like Raw Soul right on 145th and St. Nicholas and the sister restaurant of the Uptown Juice Bar called Cafe Veg on 7th Avenue and 135th Street. There is also a new place about a block away called The Shrine and I think they sell food as well although it is marketed as a live music venue. Oh! Cafe Largo on Broadway is good. Also, there are plenty of good Mexican and Dominican restaurants on Broadway. Try Floridita and do a search for Mexican and you will run across some suggestions up that way. If I'm not mistaken, I think El Puerto and Caliente Aculpulco (or try the reverse combination) have spotty reviews. That should get you started. There are also Jamaican options and plenty of fried fish and shrimp. One last one, for a great sandwich or pastries check out O.C. Bakery tucked away on Edgecombe in the 150s (it should pull up if you search O.C. Bakery). Okay I lied, one more...the cafe on St. Nicholas near the subway station (around 147th Street) makes pretty good soups and I think she makes sandwiches too.

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        Hey Uptown--is M&G open? I thought I read somewhere about it being closed due to Health dept, but I didnt see a date on the article on the bloggers site so I'm not sure this is correct/current info.