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Jun 1, 2007 03:51 PM

Texas transplant seeks kolaches

They're all over the place in Texas, but no one's even heard of them in DC. Does anyone know of a place in the DC area that serves my favorite breakfast?

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  1. Well, I've heard of kolaches, and I'm probably not the only one. It's a stuffed bread. At La Prima, in 2000 Penn, they are a soft roll stuffed with a small sausage. I hope the ones you get in Texas are bettter, because the ones at La Prima are nothing to go ape over.

    1. Hi there! Kolaches to me are a potato dough pastry usually filled with fruit (an apricot and prune mixture is my favorite) and dusted with powdered sugar. Is this what you're looking for?

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        Yes! Though I also like the sausage-filled kind.

      2. Cue the Homer Simpson voice! "Mmmmm... kolaches... OOOOOOooooooooohhhhhh"

        I'm not even from Texas, but a couple stops just outside of Fort Hood (West, Texas?) and on the road between Austin and Houston while visiting friends got me hooked for life.

        Down there, the saying was "We gotcha kolaches!", but if you find some place up here that has good ones, I sure want to check them out!

        It may be time for "culinary geography". Find a Czech neighborhood, and you may find a local bakery that serves kolaches. Even a church with a predominantly Czech congregation might do a kolache fundraiser, just as churches with Polish congregants might do pierogis.

        Or if you can't find a Czech bakery, maybe other nationalities from the same region of Europe might have slight variants called by other names.

        1. Cant help you find any, because the only ones I eat are the ones my mom makes. She does a wonderful kolache filled with sweetened walnuts. The best I have ever eaten and she has spoiled me for other so called kolache. I second the idea of a neighborhood church or bakery. That is the only other way I have seen them outside of my moms house.

          1. Boy, can I sympathize with you. The East Coast doesn't know from Czech food. The kolaches and kolackes (I know the spellings are wrong, but my mother didn't teach me how to spell in Czech) I know from Berwyn, IL were pastry. My mother used to bake the small ones filled with povidlova. There is not one Czech restaurant in all of the Philly metroplex. NYC may have one Czech restaurant. You may have to import your Czech delicacies from IL, IA or TX.

            There's a bakery in Berwyn, IL called Vesecky's on Cermak Road. They may ship stuff. Google Vesecky's for the address and telephone number. I've heard of West, TX...2200 people and 4 Czech restaurants. I'm envious. I miss having svickova or koprova for dinner.