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May 29, 2007 04:01 PM

New Mexico green chiles in San Diego

I was just sent this blog and had to reply ASAP. Live in San Dego/La Jolla area and drive to Las Cruces NM once a year to stock up on Bueno chopped green. Any help trying to find it in the area would be greatly appreciated. I have called Whole Foods and they do not carry it. Will drive to LA area if I have to.

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  1. Around the harvest time (late summer-ish), you'll have to come up and buy yourself a bushel of Hatch chiles, direct from El Rey Farms (check it out !):

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      During fresh chili season, I've also found fresh New Mexico Hatch Chilis at my local Albertsons (at Lincoln Blvd and Washington Blvd in Culver City/Marina Del Rey)

    2. Closest "Bueno" stops I've found to SoCal? The Smith's (grocery store) in Mesquite, NV (also carries "Sadie's" salsa, a popular restaurant in ABQ), and the Smith's stores in Phoenix.

      The Smith's stores in Vegas might carry Bueno... they should... but I'm not sure.

      I'm running low, myself. (I just finished off a tub of "hot" stuff from the ABQ Tortilla Company.)

      1. google Beuno frozen chilis to find:

        frozen by mail order. The site mentions Colorado availability, but doesn't list any other regional markets that I can find. Perhaps use the "contact us' for further info.

        1. The supermarkets in Yuma that cater to our large Hispanic population (Food City, Del Sol) carry Bueno (red or green/spicy or mild - also Autumn Harvest extra roasted) or ABQ Tortilla Co products. Even the Walmarts here have them.

          Honestly, I think you should search the Mexican specialty groceries in SD - or maybe even North Park Produce. It is hard to believe that Bueno wouldn't have SoCal distribution.

          I agree that they are great ingredients. So much better than canned stuff or powders. With them, I can make chile verde or posole or lengua en salsa tomatillo that is better than I have had in some restaurants. I would also urge you to try the ground red chilies also.


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            I've never looked for them at Northgate off 43rd St., but I would think that would be a good place to start.

          2. Are you in San Diego? If so, the Albertson's in Chula Vista (on 3rd St) sells 30 lb burlap bags and roasts them free on site. In my experience, they are marked "Hot" but are medium instead. Are you from NM?

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            1. re: P Macias

              I have found frozen Bueno green chile at Albertson on University in San Diego. Albertsons in Chula Vista has Hatch chile?? I just ordered mine online today from Las Cruces.
              Belen, are they any good from the Albertsons?


              1. re: dleannemarie

                I can't believe someone would drive all the way to Las Cruces to buy BUENO! I could understand if you were going for some big jims from a particular field but BUENO!

                That said, I go right down the street to my local Albertson's on Oceanside blvd. and stock up once a week. They carry many Bueno products. They have hot, medium, and autumn roast. I recommend the autumn roast as it is most like the green chile you would buy fresh roasted at a roadside stand. NOw and then I also find chimayo red at ALbertson's.

                1. re: SeanT

                  I've also had luck with Albertsons. There was a posting about this on the LA boards last year and I found them at an Albertsons near Culver City. Incidentally, the store also had lumpia and big frozen buckets of chitterlins (or however you spell those intestine things). I drive up to LA every few weeks so I stocked up on Red and Green (they are the Bueno brand). They also had autumn harvest, and hot and mild of green.

                  So... Albertsons is a good bet.

                  I also agree that you can't just grow them anywhere. Having grown up on Jersey tomatoes and later Walla Walla Onions, its all about the soil - and the heat. Nothing better than a bowl of green chili in Santa Fe...