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Jun 1, 2007 03:02 PM

Great Night Desserts around Stanton, Buena Park, Anaheim, Westminster?

I'm going to be eating dinner with some friends in Stanton tonight and want to know if there is any great dessert spot in the area. A casual place is preferred.


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  1. Too late now, obviously, but I can think of four things.

    In ascending order of formality:

    1. Joe's Italian Ice, Harbor Blvd. south of Chapman Ave., Garden Grove: I am in love with the Joelatti, which is Italian ice and soft-serve together in one cup. It's a shack; there are maybe four bar stools on the north side of the shack.

    2. Golden Spoon, Katella Ave. (Costco plaza), Cypress (among other locations): peanut butter frozen yogurt, that's all I have to say about that.

    3. Thai Nakorn, Beach Blvd. and Chapman Ave., Stanton: besides the very good mango and sticky rice, they have all kinds of Thai desserts, including the required pandan-coconut combination.

    4. The Catch, State College Blvd. and Gene Autry Way, Anaheim: this is the sister restaurant of Taps in Brea, and they have both bananas Foster and this incredibly decadent "volcano" cake that is just out of this world.

    1. I just drove past Park Ave. on Beach Blvd. in Stanton/Buena Park, and iirc, it might be a nice place to sit down for coffee and dessert.

      1. Thanks everyone, my dinner got moved back so I'll look into all your recs. I'm a huge frozen dessert fan so the Joelatti sounds interesting.