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Jun 1, 2007 02:54 PM

Blooming Glen CSA

We're first time members of a very young (I believe this is the second year) CSA nearby and today was the first pickup.

Color me impressed. I got a bunch of French radishes, a HUGE bunch of basil, two large heads of lettuce (one green, one slightly redleaf), a bunch of scallions, 1/2 lb each of "brasing mix" (mustard greens, etc), broccoli, and arugula, a cucumber, a big bok choy,and best of all, two quarts of perfect pick-your-own strawberries.

Their fee for a full share this year is $780, but if it's this good every week I think I'll end up happy. I have heard nothing but raves from people who were members last year.

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  1. Week 2:

    I head lettuce (romaine or green leaf), another gorgeous bunch of basil, spring onions, radishes (the globe type this time) 3 quarts of amazing PYO strawberries (it is 91 right now), braising mix again, a pound of chard/collards (you decide), a cucumber, a nice bunch of escarole, 4 turnips, and half a pound of summer squash

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    1. re: semmen

      I wonder how much money it comes out to per week? How many weeks is their season? I think we'd like to join next year if we can find someone to split a share with. Or do you think one share isn't enough to split? There are just two of us, but we love vegetables.

      1. re: watercress

        We belong to a different CSA (Lancaster Farm Fresh) ahd split a share with another family. A lot of the amonts are small, so we decided to split every other week instead of half each week. So far, that is working out well.

        1. re: watercress

          HI Watercress- When I figured it initially, I think around $30/week. The signup sheet we use every week shows that at least half the mebers are split shares, so you'd be in plenty of company. I will post tomorrow's pickup after I get it.

        2. re: semmen

          Week 3- 2 heads lettuce (one green leaf, one reddish), 3 kohlrabi, 6 turnips, a small bunch of dill, more basil, esarole, a cucumber, another 3/4 lbs (you decide) of chard/collards/kale, a big bunch of spring onions, 2 baby cabbages, and 2 pounds of assorted summer squash.


          1. re: semmen

            Semmen, thanks for posting your weekly haul; it really helps me get an idea of what they have going on. Kohlrabi... yum! Where I work, we have local kohlrabi now, and we haven't cooked any yet- just using it as a salad garnish along with the other veggies (including local peas!), and people keep going "what IS this?", but most of them like it. Raw, it tastes like broccoli stems, but sweeter. No beets yet?

            1. re: watercress

              Ok, please tell me what to do with Kohlrabi. I joined a CSA also, though a different one (Lancaster Farm Fresh), and we are also getting Kohlrabi. It is sitting in my fridge and I'm not sure what to do with it. In addition to the kohlrabi, this week's take included two kinds of lettuce, zucchini, peas, basil, cilantro, cabbage, garlic scapes, broccoli and scallions.

              1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                Well, a simple thing is to cut the tops off, peel the round part, and then just slice them and boil till tender and put butter and s&p or olive oil, s&p. It's got a lovely, mild, sweet, nutty flavor. It's not difficult to like. It's good raw, too, as I said earlier. You can also cook the tops, but not everyone likes 'em.

              2. re: watercress

                Week 4- MORE basil ( it is getting almost to be too much), romaine, beets, green onions, cilantro, garlic scapes (these look really good), more choice of collards/kale/chard, 2 cucumbers, a pint of PYO sugar snaps (dinner tonight), kohlrabi again, a smallish radicchio, and yes, 4 POUNDS of summer squash (these are going to work tomorrow as a freebie for any who want them; I think I have at least one squash from last week still)

                Gorgeous day today!

                1. re: semmen

                  Semmen, I look forward to these weekly posts so I can have my vicarious haul and imagine how I'd use everything. About the basil-- it freezes great, you know... I like to whiz it up with a little oil, put it into tiny plastic containers that restaurants have (like what you'd get maybe a side of coleslaw in), top each one with oil (you have to not fill it totally with the basil- leave room for oil and freezer expansion), and freeze. Then in mid-winter or when the urge strikes, you have fresh-tasting basil to use.

                  1. re: watercress

                    Week 5- more basil, parsley, cilantro, a nice bunch of PYO snapdragons, qt PYO sugar snap peas, 4 cukes, 4 lbs summer squash, a bunch of carrots, 6 beets, head of green ruffly lettuce, 1/4 lb garlic scapes, and 3/4 lb collards/kale that I opted to donate, since I didn't eat last week's. Oh, and a big bunch of scallions.

                    1. re: semmen

                      Week 6- TOMATOES! (we got a pound of any of 3, yellow and orange), cukes, summer squash, more chard (I left this), basil, beets, carrots, 2 lovely Asian eggplants, parsley, and PYO cilantro and assorted flowers.

          2. I'd like to follow this up since we are winding down the season I guess I feel a little differently than I did at the start, and I hope I'm not being unfair when I explain why I won't be rejoining.

            What I didn't know when I joined was that this CSA, like many others, also sells at outside markets, in this case the Headhouse Market in Philadelphia. This was mentioned (briefly) in a July newsletter, but of course at that point everyone had already signed up and paid all their money. It is not on their website (which is where one finds info for signup) that they sell at other venues, unless I have been completely unable to find it. Considering that they sold at another market last season, my opinion is that they should have been more upfront about what they do. I realize this may make absolutely no difference to many members, but the point is that a "share" is not 1/140th of the crop, but is what the farmers decide it is each week. I only post this as a heads-up to others who might make the same assumptions I did.

            I want to reiterate that the quality and quantity of my produce was overall very high. I wish this CSA only the best, but I hope that eventually they can be more informative about their practices *before* being paid.

            1. I'd love to join, but it's just too pricey for us for what you get.