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New to nabe -- Tribeca / near City Hall

Looking for recs for good food shopping, takeout/delivery options (all food types), and restaurants (I'm mainly interested in neighborhood places here, not destinations recs -- such as Bouley) (again all food types). Thanks!

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  1. Petite Abeille
    Blaue Gans

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      Thanks. Do you have any suggestions for food shopping?

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        Bouley Bakery Market might have some fun stuff. I'm not from the area, so I don't know about regular food shopping.

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          Amish Market can probably fill some needs

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          There was a recent thread on food shopping Downtown. You might want to do a search using groceries, food shopping and financial district.

      2. I recently asked a similar question about food shopping in Tribeca. This might give you some ideas.

        1. Doyers Vietnam delivers from Chinatown.

          1. For takeout you might want to do a search on this site and also do a search on menupages.com using financial district. A list of most all the restaurants will come up. Pizza is tough, a lot of people like Adrienne's but every time I have called for delivery they tell me 2 hours! I still get my pizza delivered from Lombardi's in Little Italy (brick oven style). There have been some positive posts re: Il Brigante's pizza (brick oven style) and they deliver. Il Brigante is a new place on Front Street.

            1. edwards for sit down
              columbine for takeout sandwich / soup (though a bit of a walk)
              oliva (broadway across from J&R... one of those ny mega delis but much better quality and more interesting selection... bustling at lunch)

              1. Not sure about what destinations means,,but delivery of thai Sage cafe is great, takahachi eat in or take out for japanese, hoi an or Mei House for vietnamese, circle rouge for bistro, upstairs , bazzini for sandwiches or for good quality meat and veggies,,,jin market late nite shopping when food emporium is closed,,,odeon old standby,,,walker's for good burgers ,,, franklin station good malaysian and cheap.

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                  Thanks for all of the suggestions!