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Jun 1, 2007 02:21 PM

Balsam dinner much better than star review suggests

As a follow up to a post several weeks ago, I just wanted to let you chowhounds know that myself, plus 3 others had a delightful dinner at Balsam (queen and balsam) earlier this week. We had agreed to go there last week before reading the star review, but decided , on the recommendation of another friend to try it anyway...and we were glad we did. The portions are not large, but the waiter went out of his way to warn us..and also point out that mains were included in the entree other words you need to order any "sides" you wish. Dinner was initiated with a complementary appetizer of a seared scallop on tomato relish with horseradish froth..yummy..then we sampled different dishes including a spinach salad with candied walnuts, beet and warm goats cheese..truffle papardelle...rack of lamb with vanilla sauce..expresso coated filet..quail..I'm sorry I don't remember the details of all the seasonings..I do remember that the sides of rapini in a balsamic demiglaze and bok choy with chili sauce were was the chocolate cream cake for dessert. Dinner was about $50/person including dessert and a glass of wine and tip
Their patio out front looked very nice, private as it is raised from street level, but it was too cool to sit out that night. They are also going to have a back we will return in the warmth of the summer to enjoy their patio.

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