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Snowballs/Snowcones/Shaved Ice

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I'm a baltimore transplant and really need a good sky blue snow ball with marshmallow on top... or any other flavor will do really. in baltimore there are stands on every corner! are there any around here at all?! I'm in the northern virginia (arlington) area, near east falls church metro, but am willing to travel a bit! i really miss them!

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  1. On Columbia Pike there are numerous stands. Especially with tropical flavors. Very large servings, not cheap. Usually with a choice of up to three flavors plus a thick tamarind sauce on top. In the parking lot of the Food Star at Columbia and George Mason is a very good one.

    1. I'm in AA County. Wonderful memories of Egg Custard snowballs. Sorry, can't help you out in VA. I could never really get into the chocolate sauce on top.

      1. Sarah's Snowballs in Manassas, VA
        all the traditional flavors, in a traditional snow ball stand + baltimore style ice and toppings!

        1. Nothing much new to add to my response upthread of SIX years ago, but I had one recently in the parking lot of the Food Star, and it was great.

          1. Travel Columbia Pike on a hot day, they're everywhere! Also (I seem to remember) Falls Church next to the Burke & Herbert Bank on Rte 7

            1. Anyone ever tried one at Bayou Bakery? I seem to recall them being on the menu in the summer time. That's near Courthouse metro.

              1. Sarah's SNowballs used to be set up in Manassas, VA 2013 - great baltimore style shaved ice (not hawaiin though i'm not sure of the difference?). I have not seen them this year but I believe they do events according to their site facebook.com/sarahssnowballs