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Jun 1, 2007 01:55 PM

Good take-out in Seattle N/NE?

I'm going to be in Seattle for a few days and will need to pick up a couple of take-out dinners. I will be staying near Northgate and going to visit my mom in Laurelhurst, so anything near Northgate, the U. District, or University Village would be more or less on the way. The only requirement I can think of (besides good food) is a place to park near the restaurant, which I know can be a problem in the U. District. No particular preferences as to type of food, although anything unusual that I'd be unlikely to get at home (NC) would be an added bonus. Thanks!

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  1. That route will take you past Casa díItalia, 2615 65th, where a good Italian Hero can be had, meatball parm, etc.
    Down in the U VIllage is Delfino's Pizza, 522-3466, where you can get them to make you a Stuffed Spinach or pepperoni pizza or you can grab one from the freezer case and bake it at home. Pagliacci, on the Ave has good salads to go along with their good pizzas. If you have more extravagant intentions, Pair, on about 55th and 30th in Ravenna might be able to take very good care of you.

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      Thanks for the ideas! I'm not familiar with any of these places, nor did they pop up on an earlier Yelp search (I might not have searched in the right places or for the right things), and I wasn't looking forward to what sounded like so-so places near Northgate.

    2. A New York Pizza Place is near northgate and makes a pretty mean pie.

      1. If you are up for Indian, try Cedars (U district- Brooklyn and 50th) or its sister restaurant Taste of India (Roosevelt/Ravenna area, approx. 57th and Roosevelt)...not sure how authentic but tasty (I really like the Mango curry and butter chicken). Thai Tom and Thaiger room are good for thai but parking might be a bit more challenging...they are both on University Way (the Ave). I also use to like going to Kiku, a tempura/teriyaki house..on the Ave as well but further north.

        1. 8917 Roosevelt = Judy Foo's Snappy Dragon is worth a look

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            I second that! It's the best "Americanized" Chinese food in the area. The dumplings are delicious, as is pretty much everything on the menu.

          2. Loved my Indonesian dinner at Indo Cafe near Northgate about a year ago. It was new -- hopefully it's still thriving.