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Jun 1, 2007 01:51 PM

froggy's in topanga

Anyone been lately? Do you still go up to the counter to order or is it table service? I remember liking it but that was years ago...did I like it or am I just nostalgic?

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  1. It's much more about being up in the canyon as the sun is going down and feeling like you're a million miles from LA. The food and service can range from okay to less than okay. Nothing wrong with nostalgia. Give it another try.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      I have been there order at the counter and take a number to your table. They have indoor seating and a great outdoor patio area w/ a's very mellow, and I think the fish & veggie burgers are great. (Oh, the fries are excellent!)

      Anyway, it's a wonderful hangount--I'd recommend it.