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Jun 1, 2007 01:42 PM

Mercat....y ole!

finally! someone did it right. this restaurant takes the lead in spanish cuisine in the city. sorry boqueria, but mercat is the real thing. food, atmosphere, music, wines, location! i guess it really took a spanish crew to create a spanish vibe after all....get the bunuelos, the patatas bravas, fried egg and mushroom plate, the churros, damn it, get a cheese plate!!! it was all good.

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  1. i ate there last night, i liked it alot, i think the tapas are good (not great, but solid for NY) and i the atmosphere is great, very fun place, definately a good place to get a couple bottles of wine and eat

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      cool...i was there we have 2 good options on bond...along with bond st sushi!