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Fresh Direct -- How's the Fruit?

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We feed my son a lot of fresh fruit and we can't seem to get good strawberries in Queens to save our lives. We are thinking the best option might be Fresh Direct, but is the fruit good quality?

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  1. It's very variable, both in size and quality. I haven't ordered strawberries, but I have, for example, received mealy apples in the past... and dessicated corn w/almost no kernels. I usually have good luck when the fruit is in season, though.

    1. The strawberries are Driscoll. Last 2 deilveries I got they were huge and tasty.

      The last batch of red seedless grapes were delicious - if you don't mind getting 2 1/4 lbs.

      I got a canteloupe and some blueberries in today's order which just arrived. I'll post once i try.

      1. Agree with Lucia that fruit is very varaible, typically more problematic out of season. Anytime it is not good, send them an email and they will credit your account.

        1. Watermelons are suprisingly good. we've bought about 5 now, between last year and this, and they've all been good. Sometimes they don't look great, like this time, kind of greyish and not bright red, but it actually still tasted pretty good. Give it a shot, i was very skeptical but haven't been disappointed yet.

          Bananas are also pretty good, but how can you screw up bananas.

          1. I agree with the above posters that the quality is variable. Bananas and other basics seem to be okay. Yes, the strawberries are Driscoll -- so if you like that, then order them; we won't buy that kind as they come from CA and are bred for no taste but to last the trip (try greenmarket strawberries instead). I've also experienced the problem of overripeness when it comes to ordering more "exotic" (not sure if that's the right word) fruit, such as prickly pears and the like. Basically, if we didn't eat them that day they arrived, they would have gone bad.

            1. Awesome...Everything is awesome....Try the pizza though! It's fantastic!

              1. i've gotten apples a few times and they were very very good.

                1. Freshy-D fruit is kind of mediocre in my experience. the fruit from my CSA is the best though!!!

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                    What is your CSA? And are they still accepting members?

                  2. while it is hit and miss i've found more hit than miss

                    1. Quality is so-so at Fresh Direct. It's very inconsistent at best. If you want, just go to Flushing and get Driscoll strawberries. They're not organic, but at least you can look, touch, and smell them before buying.

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                        I have used fresh direct since they began, and let me say first I appreciate not having to haul heavy items home, like water and detergent. The fruit is another story. I have come to find the star rating system is pure hog-wash. I have had so many bad orders lately that I am just putting it out there if anyone is interested. In past few months, I have gotten mangos that never ripened, just developed rotten spots, cantaloupe that also just developed rotten spots without ripening, and red grapes last week rated "4 stars" that had skins so thick they were inedible. When you buy an item rated very good, it should be accurate. I will say I have found the vegetables to be very good, but the rating system is pure fiction.