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Jun 1, 2007 12:45 PM

Soft shell crabs, oysters and scallops at Peach Farm (w/pics)

This afternoon I finally had my first soft shell crabs of the season. Four of us met at Peach Farm in Chinatown for lunch. In addition to the fresh crispy fried ssc, we also ordered scallops in the shell with garlic and noodles, huge steamed oysters in black bean sauce, and peapod stems. Great company and a great seafood lunch. After, hit Super 88 and picked up some ground pork, Kewpie mayo, fish sauce, cilantro and pea pod stems, frozen steamed buns, and Ranier cherries. Finished up with ice cream at Wai Wai - coconut and banana. I liked the banana better. Finally, ordered some beef with peppers from Taiwan Cafe to-go "for later". Of course, even though I had just eaten lunch, I had to have a little bit when I got home. I have to say that since recently enjoying Wang's version of this dish, I think I prefer Wang's (Somerville) - less oily and the peppers were crisper. TC's was still good though - one of my favorite dishes there. E had some wrapped up in a tortilla as a burrito - really good!

Peach Farm Seafood:

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  1. Those crabs look great, how much were they? I'm always leery of softshell crabs cuz I've had them a couple times and not liked it at all, but Bistro 5 and Red Rock were really good (B5 esp).

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    1. re: Joanie

      Not sure, I know our total with all this seafood was $16 pp including a good tip. I think you'd like these - they were big and fat. It's the scrawny ones that seem to be all shell that I don't like.

      Prezza had a soft shell appetizer on the menu last night. I didn't order it, opting for the gorgonzola stuffed figs, and a delicious new (to the menu) pasta - fresh tagliatelle with clams and oregano, which I highly recommend.

      1. re: Joanie

        $17.95 is correct. Had them for dinner tonight, along with sour mustard greens with beef and sauteed pea pod stems. Everything was great.

        However, is it me or are the fish in the tank at the front door a bit "tired" looking, to put it kindly? It strikes me as such a red flag, but I enjoy the food so much!


      2. You're making me hungry over here! Nice pictures.

        Have you had the scallop/garlic/noodle dish at Lucky House Seafood? How does it compare to Peach Farm's version?

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          That's where we had it before!. I thought it was maybe PF, but you're right, it was Lucky House. Similar, if not identical. Maybe more garlic at PF?. I think it's one of my new favorite preps for scallops.

          1. re: Rubee

            Drooling ... stomach rumbling ... gotta get to Peach Farm.

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              I think they were $17.95 for a very generous portion...and probably the best of 3x this season..2x at PF and once at Taiwan Cafe.

              The scallops were the same we had at Lucky's..and I think Rubee's right (naturally..:)).. a little more garlic at PFS

              pic of Lucky's version..and the next for a closer shot..I mistakenly put them in the PFS set..PFS NYE scallops were on tofu.


          2. Love the photos! Those crabs look perfect.

            1. Rubee - can you tell me about the banana ice cream? It is my FAVORITE but I very much prefer it to be made from not-so-ripe bananas. Most banana ice cream tastes like it's been made from very ripe bananas.

              My #1 favorite is from Peaceful Meadows on the South Shore and #2 is from P&R on Blue Hill Ave. Way too sweet from Christina's, Tosci's and even the frozen stuff at Latin markets.

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              1. re: MB fka MB

                It wasn't real sweet, but I think made from very ripe bananas. None of the ice cream at Wai Wai is overly sweet, but I think the coconut tasted like it had a bit of freezer burn. Usually it's my favorite. I bought the banana for E, and 9Lives had the ginger.

                I'll have to check out Peaceful Meadows since it's your #1!

                1. re: Rubee

                  FWIW, I'm not a big ice cream fan. Be warned. I loooove the banana and black raspberry at Peaceful Meadows and I get to stop in when I go visit family in Plymouth. Hmmm, maybe a trip tomorrow? And I love the malted vanilla at Christina's (but hate it from Tosci's - too sweet/cloying, not as crisp-tasting).

                  Ice cream from P&R might be an interesting visit for you, though take the recommendaiton with a grain of salt, I've probably been once in the past 2 years. They serve from big tubs - no idea what the source - and they have all the popular Caribbean flavors like rum raisin and grape nut, banana, coconut, etc.

              2. Re-heating the spicy beef with peppers from Taiwan Cafe (and E has me hooked on the panasian-latin burritos!), I took a pic. On TC's menu it's "sauteed beef w/long-horn pepper":

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                1. re: Rubee

                  I would love to know how they make that dish. It's easy enough to find pobablanos and thai bird chiles, but I have no idea how they make that slightly suspect, yet so delicious beef and sauce.