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Cooking classes for newlyweds?

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Our newly married friends are moving to LA this month, and we thought that we'd give them a gift certificate for a cooking class as a wedding present. Does anyone have recommendations for either a cooking school or a housewares/cookware store that offers fun recreational classes?


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  1. I recently took a cooking class at Hipcooks www.hipcooks.com and there were several couples who were taking the class as well. The classes are small, 12 people max, and they are hands on. I thought that the class was beneficial to both novice cooks and seasoned cooks. The class was a blast!


    1. Not necessarily geared for "newlyweds" per se, but Wildflour Baking Company in Sierra Madre does very good cooking classes.

      Also, something a bit more formal (and expensive) are the ones at Providence. www.providencela.com

      Wildflour Baking Co.
      328 West Sierra Madre Blvd.,
      Sierra Madre
      (626) 355-9000

      1. I've taken a few classes at this place in Culver City called The New School of Cooking.
        I really enjoyed them. http://www.newschoolofcooking.com/hom...

        I have a favorite instructor from there, I just can't say enough good stuff about the Thai class I took, I learned SO much, and it was fun. His name is Jet Tila. I've since moved but if I was still living in LA I would be taking every class he offers. I think he also teaches classes at other places you can check his website.

          1. These are all great ideas-- thanks, everyone! I am sure I will find the ideal class for our friends at one of these places. I'm leaning toward Hipcooks because it sounds like their type of style.

            Thanks again for your responses.

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              There are Sur La Table stores here in L.A. (tons of fancy/interesting cookware) and at one location at least - they have a cooking school. Would recommend you check their Website along with those of the otheres mentioned here, and see which appeals most.

            2. I got some recommendations in the following thread: