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Jun 1, 2007 12:23 PM

Osianna (Fairfield) or Ralph n Riches (Bridgeport)?

Couples Party of Six on a Saturday night. We'd like to dine outside if possible. Have narrowed it down to Ralph n Riches in Bridgeport or Osianna in Fairfield. Know RnRs is a safe bet (Italian is always good with a group), but I am dying to try Osianna (Meditteranean getting really good reviews). Anyone been yet? We were looking for some place between Trumbull and Milford since several have long commutes during the week, wanted to stay away from Norwalk and New Haven. Not too cramped; where we could be reasonably chatty without annoying our neighbors.

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  1. I went to Osianna on Wednesday night. The food was delicious. A lot of seafood options. For appetizers we shared the panseared Humilee (I totally just butchered that) it's a type of cheese, with capers, lemon oil and rocket greens - very good. A petite osso bucco with gnocchi - delicious. And, spicy shrimp casserole with feta and tomatoes - also delicious.

    For entrees, I had the chicken encrusted with kalamata olives over a spinach and feta risotto - very delicious. My friends had the scallops and the linguine with seafood.

    In all honesty - service was mostly good, but a little sketchy.

    RnRs is always good.

    I also love Carl Anthony's in Monroe for Italian, and they have outside dining as well - fun, really good food.

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      Annemarie: We are going to go to RnRs, but I have to ask. When I called Osianna, they do not accept reservations at all. You went on a Wednesday. I'd love to go for my birthday dinner, but it is a Saturday, and I figure I'd have to get there by 4PM to get in. I stopped by during the day to check it out. The staff there are so nice and menu was simply mouth-watering. They told me they don't take reservations but you stop in, put your name and they call you on your cellphone when they are ready for you. Did you have trouble getting a table?