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Jun 1, 2007 12:19 PM

Garden of Eat-In

Does anyone know if Garden of Eat-In in Brooklyn has a new owner or is under new management? The place never had the best service but last night it was was downright terrible. The food wasn't too good either. Usually I love their rolls, but last night after we had to practically beg to get them, they were cold and squashed. The dessert was half stale.

This makes me sad because Garden is one of the few cheap milchig restaurants with a nicely varied menu.

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  1. It is unfortunate. For some reason milchig lately is being equated to pizza or bagel joint, and there are way to many of them around. Here in the 5 towns ther are three pizza stores within a 60 second walk of each other! Imagine! In fact we even have a bagel store that sells pizza, wow! Here we had a place called Dairy Review - closed - sign!

    I am curious, I used to go to a place called Weiss's Dairy Restaurant in Brooklyn, does it still exist?

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    1. re: MartyB

      no, Weiss' is gone and I really miss Dairy revue. I just want his recipe for lasagne and his veg. soup

    2. I am so sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. I don't believe that they are under new management. I was just there last week and the same owners are still there. I have been buying the special of the day, one day a week, for the last few weeks and have found the food to be as good as always.
      About the rolls, yes, many times they aren't fresh. Luckily, the counter person up front, usually tells me that when I am ordering take out. I usually just pass on them. They seem to not always get a daily fresh delivery of rolls.
      I had breakfast there a few weeks ago with a friend and the waitress was complaining about how overworked she was. That might account for the bad service. When the wait staff feels taken advantage of and unhappy, we as the customers usually feel it in the service or the food. I hope you mentioned something to one of the owners. It is always important to report bad food or service. Sometimes the restaurants get so busy that the owners don't take notice about certain changes since they are so busy with other things.
      This has always been a favorite place of mine. I hope that your experience will not become the norm.

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      1. re: dadisachef

        Talk to the owner, hah. We could barely get anyone's attention. Had we walked out without paying the bill, I bet no one would even have noticed.

        > This has always been a favorite place of mine. I hope that your experience will not
        > become the norm.

        Hopefully not, but I do not intend to go back there for a good long while.

        1. re: Kay22

          I have never been the biggest fan of Garden, based on the service and the food. However, after not going for a while, I decided to give it another chance, I ordered out just a Grilled Veg Wrap last week- it was not very good in the first place but then proceeded to make me very ill. I will personally NEVER go back.

          1. re: Saphirechick

            I pretty much stopped eating there when I would go in to pick up a muffin a few mornings a week and see a the SAME guy with his newspaper heading into the bathroom.