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Kitchen Market / Bright Food Shop Closed

Sad day. Another victim of rising rents. Details on Eater:


Bright Food Shop has already closed but Kitchen Market remains open through Sunday to try and liquidate their stock of goods. Everything in the store is 50% off. They always had the best selection of dried chiles, spices, dried beans, hot sauce... they will be missed.

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  1. Well that explains it. I took my daughter there Wednesday night after a performance at the Joyce and found the A/C off, the place swelteringly hot and the food subpar. I guess they were in the midst of shutting down and whoever was worried about food quality was already gone. Shame, it was always a Bright spot in Chelsea.

    1. Oh, that's a shame. I used to live down the street and had the cactus burrito and the Mexican chocolate bread pudding at least once a week.

      1. that's really too bad. in my opinion, kitchen market (burritos) was by far the best restaurant in that area, which is filled with the same overpriced places with the same boring "chic" decor and mediocre food.

        1. Noooooooooo!! BFS is one of my fave brunch spots - I love the huevos rancheros, both the regular and the vegan versions.

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              As we are all weighing in with condolences... I have been eating at BFS for what seems like the last 20 years; some years more regularly than others. It is a big loss for Chelsea. Does anyone know what is coming in?

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                probably a duane reade or a bank.

                i am very bummed out by this. rising rents they say. more news here:


            2. I am TOTALLY devastated! I could cry. It was the best of Chelsea.

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                Agreed. As I said above, I've been eating at Kitchen/BFS for the last 20 years. They were reliably good, innovative, and a seemingly more healthful alternative to other neighborhood spots such as Mary Ann's. It's a shame, really, but just another piece of collateral damage of New York's real estate wars.

              2. I walked by the old location of Bright today and there were construction permits in the window. Anyone know what's up?

                1. In the older Eater archives it said "If there is any glimmer of hope here it's that Bright owners do have plans to re-open something in the future. In a throwaway line at the end of the Sun article, owner Dona Abraham mentions that she "hopes to start a small burrito operation inside another store not far away."

                  Has anything happened?