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Jun 1, 2007 11:47 AM

Getting Maui-ed

As of lately, my fiance and I are really considering of moving our destination wedding from Palm Springs to Maui, Hawaii. Thank you everyone who have been so great at responding my earlier post. I love Hawaii, but I have never been to Maui. I know this cuts down our guest list... and we're ok with that because we're planning a party when we come back! Any suggestions on places to have our reception? I was thinking of Spago at the Four Seasons. If you have been there, what do you think of the place? If you have a better suggestion please do spill the beans. Here is some info that I think could help you

We're having it in the Spring of 2009
Guest: 50-80
Budget: 60-100 / per person
Need to have an area for dancing. We love love dancing!
Easy to get to.
Lots of parking spaces.
Great views of the sunset.
You can suggest a restaurant, hotel, estate or a catering company.

Thank you sooooo much! I can't wait to hear your suggestions!!!

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  1. I would love to have a weddding at Spago, what a great view and fabulous food, chef
    Cameron is doing an amazing job having taken over the reins a year ago. You could try Bev Gannon's Celebrations catering, I think she has a place you can rent for the whole thing called Sugar Shack or something like that. She is the chef/owner of Hailiimaile General Store which has really great food too.

    1. Spago is one of my very favorite restaurants on Maui. The service is top notch, and the food really cannot be beat. It's also v. expensive ... unless you're a local (like me) and can take advantage of the kama'aina discount

      Celebrations catering is a good bet, too, I agree, and Bev Gannon's food is delicious and the best hawaiian fusion (I think - although sometimes Roy Yamaguchi has my vote).

      HOWEVER. If I were going to plan a wedding with these particular specs, I would say that SeaWatch Restaurant in Wailea would be a better bet. The food is very good, they have room for dancing (like, a golf course), the views are unbeatable (because they're up the volcano a little, so you get panoramic views of molokini, lanai, etc.), and they have tons of parking for your guests.

      Another great place is Capische? also in Wailea, but a little higher up the mountain than SeaWatch at the Diamond Resort. Unbelievable views, great food, very romantic. I was at Taiko, the amazing Japanese place at Diamond, last night, and saw a wedding reception at Capische. They were all very happy. When I saw your post, I figured I should tell you about it!

      These two restaurants will definitely be able to accomodate your party, and I believe your budget, plus have the parking, views, and dance space. Definitely won't be as expensive as Spago, but certainly just as special.