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Healthy frozen yogurt?

I was wondering if Austin has anything comparable to California's "Pinkberry"????

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  1. I googled for Pinkberry's website and I think that Dhaba Joy may fit the bill. They serve organic coffees and smoothies. They also have what they call oatcream. It's a vegan version of soft serve made from oatmeal with no added sugar.
    Dhaba Joy is on Guadalupe by Toy Joy.

    1. Piccomolo in NW Austin has something extremely close. Might even be the same thing.

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        I thought Piccomolo was just gelato. I went there and the flavors were underwhelming. Plus, there was a hair in my gelato.
        I heard that Pinkberry is closely guarding it's ingredients list. Supposedly, the stuff has no fat, virtually no calories, but tastes great. I've never had it, but the idea of it makes me weary. I'm not much for chemicals. I'll stick with good ole butterfat, thank you. See you at Amy's!

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          The recipe for Pinkberry's "yogurt" is not much of a secret--you can find it via a little searching on Google. The stuff at Dhaba Joy is nothing like the Pinkberry stuff. There is a shop that sells similar stuff, according to several of my friends who have tried it. It's called YogoBerry, and it's in the shopping center on the corner of Riverside and Congress Ave. just down from Freebirds. I can't say whether it actually compares to Pinkberry, because the shop has been closed every single time I've tried to go--others have reported that the owner was nervous about making a go of it, so perhaps he's already given up. If it's still open, I have to say that closing before 7:00 on a weeknight or during the day on the weekends is ridiculous--POST YOUR HOURS. I won't keep trying forever.

          On a side note, Pinkberry and Red Mango (the original shop of which Pinkberry is a copy) are both planning to open in Austin. Red Mango sells real yogurt, while Pinkberry sells reconstituted yogurt flavored dairy dessert. Surprisingly, both are delicious, but I prefer Red Mango, since it's the real thing.

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            no fat, but full of sugar. there's nearly 5 teaspoons of sugar in the small size. does taste yummy though stay away from coffee flavor.

        2. This took me awhile to find and I haven't heard ANY press on it (gulp) but I am down for trying it out before I knock it for the reported "chalkiness" that the report says about it.


          See you there! I miss Pinkberry! I had it in NYC and had another competitors in San Diego. YUM!

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            i work next door, and i thought it was pretty good, had a cheese-cakey kind of flavor. i've never had Pinkberry, so i can't really attest to the chalkiness or lack thereof. the owner has constantly been on the phone every time i've been there and isn't very friendly. the fruit toppings were fresh and tasty, didn't try any chocolate or cereal toppings. .

          2. I tried Mambo Berry today and I liked it, with reservations. The owner was very friendly and I don't mind at all that it's just a trailer in a parking lot with a couple of shaded benches and chairs. They use REAL yogurt (White Mountain brand, to be specific), and the frozen yogurt has a great flavor, very much akin to that at Pinkberry. My reservation is the cost and the way the menu is designed, and the specific cups they use for the yogurt. The cost is $3.95 for a cup of yogurt, plus 50 cents for each topping. At Pinkberry, your yogurt comes with 3 toppings automatically (they do have a price for just yogurt, but it is in smaller print and is separated from the main menu). If I were to choose three toppings at Mambo Berry, my order would come to almost $5.50, which I think is a little expensive. The bigger problem is the cups. The cups are steep sided, almost vertical, and the yogurt fills up the entire cup, leaving only the tiniest amount of room on the side for the toppings. You pay 50 cents for a topping, and they can barely fit any of that topping on. My friend got pineapple, and it turned out to be about 8 little chunks of pineapple, the same size you would get in a can of pineapple chunks, balanced carefully around the rim of the cup. It was a bit stingy, but worse is the fact that it was impossible to get a little bite of pineapple with each bite of yogurt--the pineapple should have been much more finely chopped. My strawberries were nicely chopped, and they surrounded the yogurt on all sides, as much as the cup could hold, but it was still not a generous serving. What if I had opted for three toppings? The cup could not possibly have held any more--would I have gotten 1/3 the amount of each of those toppings?

            I like the guys at Mambo Berry and I think they have a very good product. If they got wider cups or bowls and had a bigger selection of toppings and were a little more generous with those toppings, I'd recommend them wholeheartedly. Specific toppings I would like to see include Mango (#1), lychee, cantaloupe, Fruity Pebbles, raspberries, mochi (rice balls) and blackberries. They only offer 10 toppings now, and they were out of blueberries when I visited.

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              I just tried Mambo Berry for the first time today and was wowed beyond belief. I can't compare to Pinkberry since I've never had it, but it was much sweeter than I expected. Honestly, I can't believe it's fat free.

              Angus, I ordered a Kid's size with strawberry and it didn't fill the cup, leaving plenty of room for toppings. I noticed the people in front of me got a medium and it didn't seem to leave a lot of room on the sides for the topping. Both sizes were served in the same cup, but the kids wasn't as full.

              I can tell this is going to be my new addiction.

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                So they serve the kid's size and the regular size in the same cup? Sounds like that's the way to go! Thank you for the tip.

            2. Tomunchi (on Parmer) is pretty darn awesome. I'm not sure about healthwise but I love their tart flavored yogurt with the fresh fruit toppings they offer (like mangoes, blueberries, kiwis, etc) They also have lychee jelly as one of their toppings as well as mochi.

              Diff flavors of the soft serve self serve yogurt include the usual like strawberry, chocolate, etc and then there are several fun ones like lychee, red bean, passion fruit, mango, english toffee, cheesecake, etc. I believe they rotate flavors in and out. There is also a more traditional toppings bar with sprinkles, nuts, crumbled cookies...

              What I love best about them is that it's self serve so you get as much or as little as you want in your cup and then pay by the ounce.

              I'm there at least once or twice a week to try to keep them in business!

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                snowymt, thank you for the info about Lychee jelly and mochi at Tomunchi. I've been wanting to try it out, but I only drive up that far north about once every three months, if that. Maybe I'll make a special trip this weekend.

              2. I noticed this place over the weekend and thought it might do the trick as their other location is in CA. I have not tried Pinkberry.


                1. Yogurt Planet in the Triangle (next to Chase bank and the liquor store) has really delicious frozen yogurt. You serve yourself your choice(s) then bring it up to the counter and pay by weight. Be careful as it's always heavier (costlier) than I think.. something like 39 cents an ounce. The last time I was there they had mango, pumpkin, green tea, and probably 2 or 3 other varieties. There are also a number of toppings ranging from candy to fruit, but I always default on the plain "very tart" with nothing on it. It's the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness that exemplifies the true taste of yogurt.

                  The last few times I've stopped or driven by it's been slammed with families and sorority girls. I interpret that as a sign to get it to go.