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Jun 1, 2007 11:14 AM

Recommendations near Hackney and other food advice needed!

Hi Chowhounds,

I will be in London for the next 8 days and need an assortment of recommendations for food. I really appreciate any thoughts you have:

1) one really nice dinner (for one, so I would probably like to sit at the bar) This should be the "must try while I'm in london" place. I was considering Le Gavroche, Gordon Ramsay, one of Marco Pierre White's restaurants?

2) how far is Duckfat? is it possible to get there through public transportation?

3) your favorite fish and chips joint.

4) quick decent food in the Hackney area

Thanks so much! Chowhounders are the best!

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  1. The Fat Duck is in Bray. You can take a 45 minute train from Paddington to Maidenhead and then a five minute cab from there. The price of the cab will be the least of your worries, that is if you can even get a reservation.

    For Hackney try the Empress of India - a reasonable gastropub more at the restaurant end of things. Bistrotheque is definitely worth a visit. There's more good stuff further towards the Old Street end of things. Bacchus is worh a go if you like the scientific/adventurous style of cooking (


    For fish and chips, I haven't been there but I've heard good things about the Golden Hind. The Fryer's Delight on Theobald's Road is pretty good too. Dos Hermanos have reviews of both as well as other chippies:

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    1. re: Howard V

      Thanks Howard

      I was less impressed with EoI which I thought was as over priced as its siblings, The Gun and The White Swan. I do like bistrotecheque a great deal though.

      Not been in a while but Green Papaya on Mare St was always reliable for Vietnamese

      Also, for F&C, try The Golden Chip Shop at the top of Farringdon Rd, next to $$ Restaurant & Grill. Always very reliable

      1. re: Simon Majumdar

        I guess how we answer gltsoi's question depends whether he means Hackney the borough or Hackney the Hackney, if you know what I mean?

        If the latter then all the Vietnamese places on Kingsland Road come into view as well as Broadway Market with Santa Maria Buen Ayre etc.

        EoI - I've only been there for Sunday lunch and that was reasonably priced, I'll take a look one week night evening . . . you're probably right given that it's owned by the same people as The Gun.

        1. re: Howard V

          um, I'm near Hackney near the Old Street stop on the tube? :)

    2. Do a search for "Old Street," as there was just a lengthy discussion about great options near there...there are many!

      1. I think the Empress is a great place, next door to it a new fish and chips shop has opened by the way - looks good, not tried it yet.
        For fish and chips, my favourite is still the Rock and sole plaice in covent Garden.

        If you're going to be in the 'East end' which is where Hackney is you must try some Indian food. I love Tayyabs off Whitechappel.
        Lots of Vietnamese in this part of town, as bfore mentioned Papaya on Mare street is good, Namo on Victoria Park Road also great. The Kinglsland road vietnamese are fun, I would say Song Que is still the best one there.

        If you go further North from there, Shanghai on the Kingsland road is one of the few really good chinese restuarants.
        Sideways, east from Dalston, on the Queens Bridge Road is LMNT, I've not been there for quite a while, but when I did go there, it was always good. Maybe someone else can comment who's more up to date?

        Whenever we have friends form the US, they always love going to Nando's and as far as 'fast food' goes, it is a lot of fun. Good grilled chicken. Not exactly a foodie experience, but very nice and quick comfort food.

        Last, but not least I'd like to recommend 2 east-end institutions;
        Have a salt beef beigel form the beigel bake on Brick Lane, becuase it's a fine experience and E-Pellici is another real east-end must do. The art Deco building and the regular clientele add to the fun.