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Jun 1, 2007 11:09 AM

Furaibo favorites?

Being such a huge fan of Musha, it took me a while to get round to trying Furaibo on Sawtelle. I finally made it over there last night, and thought everything was fantastic!

The menu is huge so Mr Boo and myself only managed to sample a few dishes. We had chicken liver skewers (great), yuzu chicken wings on skewers (awesome), bbq ribs (good but extremely fatty) and fried rice (great). We saw so many other tables enjoying spicy fried wings so got an order of those too (fantastic). Total bill for an amount of food that could comfortably feed 4 people plus a large Asahi and a large Sapporo came to under $40. Bargain.

We are definitely going back very soon to try lots more stuff. What are your favorite dishes that we shouldn't miss out on?

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  1. i don't eat there too often, but i think it's all about the wings. the assorted chicken skewers are not bad so i'll get a few of those as well, but i think it's the tebasaki that they're known for. other than that, i'll sometimes get the ochazuke to power it all down.

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      I loved the tebasaki but I think they accidentally gave us a double portion, unless the regular portion includes 2 dozen wings!

      Have you tried the little shrimp in their shells? I saw a lot of people getting those too and thought they looked interesting.

    2. hanpen cheese, butakakuni(pork), negima- karaage, Ika- Karaage, salmon ochazuke, the fried halibut, spinach bacon...

      their specialty hot sakes are great- slightly pricey.. but great.

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        the grilled onigiri chazuke at the end of the meal is great. tofu salad and fried tofu (agedashi tofu) is a must.

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          is the fried halibut the one served in a bowl formed from the deep-fried skeleton? I've only been there once, but that dish was by far my favorite. sorry, i can't remember what its called.

        2. I really like the baked oysters, and the agadashi tofu. If you haven't already, try Hide, which is just north of Furaibo in the Japanese-style building. They're cash only but they're relatively cheap (for sushi) and delicious too! They aren't into fancy Americanized sushi, but more traditional stuff. I love it.

          1. haven't been in about a year, but as mentioned:
            grilled oysters

            and the duck breast. a must, at least for me.

            never had the chicken skewers there since yakitoriya is nearby.

            1. I'm all about pork. The braised pork dish and spinach with bacon.