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Jun 1, 2007 11:07 AM

Breakfast on 42nd St.

I am meeting a couple of friends for breakfast this Sunday. One of them needs to jump on the 7 train after the meal so we are looking for a place to eat around 42nd street. East or West doesn't matter. And lower costs would be nice as well. I am unfamiliar with this area so any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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  1. if you don't mind walking a bit, I would head to 9th ave. and go uptown a few blocks. There's a place called Rachel's that is good for brunch and if you walk up to 51st, Vinyl is good and is not too expensive. You'll also hit Nook which is very cute (it's tiny though).

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      Thank you for the suggestions. We ended up trying Vinyl after looking at the menu and noticing the purple single of "Purple Rain" hanging in the doorway. Our brunch was great. I got the eggs benedict which were cooked perfectly. The service was excellent and my friends also commented on the freshness of the fruit on their waffles and the quality of the breakfast burrito.

    2. Cibo is near Grand Central and offers a 2 course brunch including drink for $18.95.Opens at 11am so don't know if that fits in with your schedule. See brunch menu on website:

      767 2nd Ave (41st)