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Jun 1, 2007 11:05 AM

Recs for Great Olive Oils

From a recent post:

I've been using two 'Great' olive oils lately.

One is the 'house' olive oil from Alex Farm, which they import from Greece by the barrel. Following is the description on their website: "This extra virgin olive oil is stone pressed, giving it a thick full olive flavour complimented by a slight bitterness in the finish; a sign of pure oil". Alex Farm sells two kinds: one that starts with a K and the other with an M. I can't remember the names. I use the one with a K; it is the stronger, more flavourful of the two.

The other one, which also comes in bulk, is in the basement of St. Lawrence Market (the place at the northwest of the basement). They bring in barrels and sell one litre plastic jugs for about 10 bucks. Also great stuff.

Anyone have other suggestions for great olive oils?

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  1. I purchase olive oil exclusively from Pusateri's. They have an incredible selection. They also have a woman who will help make the love match for you depending on the style you want. PLUS you can taste test many of the oils available. You'll pay dearly, but it's the one thing that makes going to Pusateri's truly worth it.

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      that and the abundant parking (not!)

    2. Check out These folks are in Kitchener and import barrels of certified organic, single estate olive oils from Greece and label/sell them under the "Ralo" brand. Amazing stuff! I got a large bottle from my Mother-In-Law as a gift and now it's all I buy.

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        I just checked out the website. Looks like great stuff. I'll try to pick some up at St. Lawrence Market in the morning. Their website says that it is sold at 'A Bisket A Basket", the jam place in the basement.

      2. We also get the "K" oil from Alex Farms, and love it. It's fruity and peppery, and a steal at that price.

        1. How about two great suggestions. There are olive oils that I have never seen anywhere else. You will find much more than olive oil. Bring a lot of money, you'll be glad you did.

          The Olive Pit
          805 Queen West

          Boncheff Greenhouses
          382 Olivewood Road

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          1. re: Scary Bill

            The people at the Olive Pit are as knowledgeable as anyone else in Toronto. I'd go there over Pusateri's - but prices are similar!!
            And I think they are the only retail outlet in North America for Manni olive oil (if you don't know it, you can't afford it - it's specifically mentioned as being in dishes at the Fat Duck and other top restaurants).

            1. re: estufarian

              The Ralo olive oil I referred to earlier IS available at the Olive Pit BTW.

          2. Boncheff carries good brands at lower prices than the DT TO emporia.