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Jun 1, 2007 11:02 AM

Redballs Rock and Roll Pizza Woodland Hills - Review

After reading a positive review of Redballs Rock and Roll Pizza in Woodland Hills last week, I decided to hop over the hill from Santa Monica to try it out. Despite having miraculously lost nearly twenty pounds this year, I can't omit pizza from my life - just not gonna happen. So I went there, and it was bonafide excellent!

The place is adorned with rock and roll memorabilia - posters, autographed pictures, leather jackets (the owner also has a leather shop next door that caters to the rock cognoscenti, evidently), guitars, and the like; apparently, the restaurant is the brainchild of David Veira and Cars guitarist Elliot Easton, who both complained of a dearth of authentic NY pizza in the Valley.

Well, here it is, folks. Super-thin crust, not overly sauced or cheesed. Beautifully charred crust, friendly staff, and humongous large pies reasonably priced - a large cheese will set you back about $14.00, and well worth it. They also have wedges, pasta, and salads. The wedges (something like a sloppier calzone) are supposedly great, but the pizza is where it's at - I can't imagine anything else there being as good.

I also ate at the relocated Vito's last week, and that's my favorite pizza in town of all the places I've been to (I'm a 44 year-old native Angeleno who has yet to try Casa Bianca). But Redballs is pretty damn great.

Anyone else sample this place?

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  1. I agree 100%. The best pizza in the valley and the owners are really good guys.

    1. Nice review...I hope to get there soon...It's a few blocks from work.

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        I love it. I live on the westside so it's Vito's for me, but when I am visiting my sister & her family in Tarzana, the kids always want to go to Red Balls.

        Unfortunately, there was an hour wait last Saturday night (I guess as a result of the good review), & since the kids were hungry, we went to Mulberry in Encino instead.

        I love how Red Balls mushroom pizza has sauteed mushrooms - wow, yummy!

        I hope they expand!