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Jun 1, 2007 10:56 AM

Salt Creek Grill El Segundo

I was very impressed with the dinner I had with friends there last night. Good service. Had a very well made Martini. The wine, Witness Tree Pinot Noir, was fabulous. I had the lamb chops which were prefectly grilled. 2 of my party had the NY Steak. Average entree price was around $30.

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  1. Tried this place out last Friday and will not be back. The food was average and highly overpriced. No value at all. The bar area is nice but when you are paying $12 a drink for medicority not my cup of tea.

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    1. re: kobechow

      Totally agree with you. While not eating in the 'gundo unit, I have eaten in the Valencia one on several occasions, and it was always overpriced, ok food, yet of little value.
      Here is the menu for review:
      Personally, at those prices, you can go almost anywhere in that area and eat for less and probably much better.

      1. re: carter

        And yet, strangely, I bet they'll do very well at that location -- Manhattan Beach adjacent and all. If you're not across the parking lot droppin' a hundy on dinner at Whole Paycheck, why not blow it at Salt Creek!

        1. re: carter

          Only in El Segundo. Land of broccoli florets and carrots as the veggie side on all the overpriced plates. I'm thinking of Second City. El Segundo is a wasteland.

          1. re: slacker

            As much as I respect my new home of Los Angeles, I have to admit the truth when it is staring me right in the face. El segundo SUCKS. When whole foods and salt creek grill opened, everyone in el segundo was pumped up. It is sad. This is the kinda of thing that people who live in palmdale or fresno get excited over. You would think a beach burb with lots of jobs in the second largest metropolitan area in the US would have better choices. Salt Creek is like LA food show and all of those other overpriced places. ITs moments like this that make me miss San Francisco. that is until I go to places like Ebizos, Patisserie Chantilly, Il Chianti, Musha, or Japonica.

            1. re: jlrobe

              When you are a city of less than 15,000 people and the only major grocery store is Riff-Ralphs, then any newcomer is very welcome, especially if it might be something other than Vons or Albertsons.
              Hence WFMarket enters the city along with a host of other retailers in that center, and once again, El Segundo is the envy of most in the south Bay, and not for the reasons you might think.
              The median price of a home is around $800,000, you get a single family home on a standard lot, not a 30x40 lot as in Manhattan Beach, and yet you are still living west of Sepulveda, unlike many in Manhattan Beach or further south who have to pay much more, be further from almost everything, have sky high property taxes, etc.
              Downtown El Segundo is slowly going through the gentrification like Culver City has done. There are some decent restaurants in El Segundo, especially in the downtown area, yet you can also get to Manhattan Beach, Playa Del Rey, the marina, etc. with minimal time involved. It may have been referred to as Mayberry once, but that day has passed the city by. It now is the only affordable city near the coastline until you get to Long Beach or San Pedro.

          2. re: carter

            Eat for less & better at:
            Chef Hannes in downtown ES, great food & great prices.
            Rite Aid for a HUGE scoop of Thrifty Ice Cream (Rocky Road's my fave), only $0.99 a scoop!
            220 East Grand Avenue
            El Segundo

            1. re: MahiMahiFish

              also, around the corner is taiko for japanese cuisine.
              Taiko Restaurant 2041 Rosecrans Ave El Segundo, California 90245-4707 ..

              1. re: MahiMahiFish

                gotta disagree with you re: chef hannes.
                i've NEVER gotten good food there--at best only edible food.

                the last time i went there, we were a party of seven.
                of the seven the ONLY ones who could gag their food down were the two folks who had ordered the scallops--and this was NOT a group of foodies!!!!

                it was a friday night and we were the ONLY party in the restaurant' i can see why!!!!

                YUCK YUCK YUCK

          3. I'm sorry, but the food is hit or miss. But really, nothing sucks more than the service there! Both my bartender and my cocktail server were rude and seemed miserable. For a$30 an entree and $12 a drink you'd think they could fake a smile.

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            1. re: argylegurl

              ive been to that restaurant two times, and really i thought the food was pretty good. prices were not bad and both times we had great service. ANd i might mention since we dont drink much we didnt buy alcohol both times and still got the same service as everyone else around us.

            2. Nice Interior, though the Restroom door are right in front of the gril, kind of odd for me...
              A bit on the expensive side, for not that much... THough really enjoyed the the Kobe appetizerz... Had a couple drink for the price of 2 at other restaurant... felt like eating in Hollywood with those prices....

              1. I was excited to try Salt Creek after it opened. Went in July, I believe, and it was just lousy. I had an overcooked filet, my boyfriend had overcooked chicken. The service was crap. The only good things were the mac n cheese and the chocolate lava cake. Wouldn't go back.

                1. Went for lunch today and it was not good. This place has a Houston's menu that's being executed by the high school home cooking class.

                  The "BBQ Pork" sandwich had some kind of white meat WITH SKIN ON IT (i.e., chicken) mixed in with the sliced, not pulled pork. And the bun was bordering on stale.

                  The ahi sandwich was 3.5 inches high. Now I can see doing a overly thick sandwich if it was an artistic presentation or something like a pastrami sandwich, but this was neither. Instead, it was a small sandwich with a bun that was shorter across than the height of the sandwich (the same semi-stale bun as used for the "pork" sandwich.

                  No need to go back here.