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Jun 1, 2007 10:33 AM

Oceanaire chef on Top Chef

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      That's really your response? No comment? I haven't eaten there so I'm curious to hear people's comments.

      1. re: mangiatore

        It was talked about on the Food & Media board by both DD & myself.

        I love Oceanaire. I love their oysters, happy hour, think their crab cake is one of the best ever (no binder really), love their black & blue fish (shark with blue cheese and fried onions), love their raw foods, love their salt & vinegar fries.

        Have had serious & thoughtful discussions with waiters/bar staff and the chef regarding the correct heating temp of my fish--medium rare please as well as their thoughts on local and line caught fish.

        Love that they pour generously on what I think is a good wine list (although apparently you know heaps about wine so you may disagree).

        Have been at least 5 times in the past few months. So have I mentioned I like it.

        1. re: mangiatore

          Well, since you like so little of what you eat in SD I didn't really think there was any point in going into much detail.

          I ate at Oceanaire last year for my birthday and blogged about it here -

          1. re: DiningDiva

            I give credit where credit is due, from taquerias to Tapenade. Also, I may use more exclamation points than you, but let's face it -- you constantly criticize San Diego restaurants.

            Thanks for the link.

            1. re: mangiatore

              Ah, but I basically like what I eat ;-), you've made it pretty clear you don't. :-( I think we're coming from entirely different places and perspectives. I may gripe at times, but other than my recent post about Nick's at the Pier, most of what I write is more positive than not.

              Heck, I'll even admit to liking Anthony's. I'm not afraid to say I think Georges at the Cove is overrated, as I've never had a particularly stellar meal there. While I'm not a huge fan of the Cohn Group I think they've been bashed enough here. I like Super Cocina, I'm not ga-ga over it. But, much like The Linkery tries to promote sustainable foods, Super Cocina is trying to bring something other than tacos, burritos and bad chile rellenos to San Diego. I'll give 'em a big high five for that for sure because the food of Mexico is so much more. Taquerias NOB barely scratch the surface. (For an example read Naomi Wise's review from last week -


              I stay away as much as I can from blanket statements about what I've eaten or a restaurant because the reality is that there is so much give and take in the food business that it's hard to make definitive statements. After I've eaten something I try and figure out why I liked it or why I didn't. I'm one opinion, that's it. I don't particularly care if people disagree with what I write, in fact, I often hope they do because every one of us experiences food in a different way. No one should rely on one person's comments or opinions about a place. You don't have to agree with me, nor I with you, and wouldn't the world be a terribly dull and boring place if we all agreed with each other 100% of the time! I don't think it's any big secret I've got strong opinions on things and that I'll defend my position. But if I'm wrong, I'll admit it and move on. Being right isn't my issue so much as it is simply being heard.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                Fair enough. I've got no problem with anything you just said.

          2. re: mangiatore

            I have read with interest all the positive comments on this place and am dumbfounded. I have been three times and each experience was worse than the one before. The host staff treat you like you are lucky to get a reservation. Once, with a 9:30 Open Table reservation we were shown a table at 9:45 that was immediately between a loud party of 20 and the hostess stand. Asking if there was something else available, we were told to stand there next to the stand even though there were several tables that I could see were clear. After ten minutes of standing there as punishment for not liking the first table, we were given one of the ones that was available the entire time.

            While some of the preparations are interesting, I am not sure these people can cook fish. I have had the fresh selections so overcooked that I nearly had to resort to a knife. And this was with my express requests that the fish be cooked medium rare.

            The third strike was it for me. I have been to Blue Coral twice now and had outstanding food and service. As for Top Chef, all the luck in the world to this guy but history shows us the best does not always win.

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            1. We've removed some off topic posts from this thread. We welcome your comments on the chow at Oceanaire here, but if you'd like to discuss the TV show, or how appearing on such a show may impact a chef's career, please start a new thread on the Food Media & News board. Thanks.