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Jun 1, 2007 09:55 AM


Has any one been to Sasaya lately?...(on eglinton, just east of avenue road)

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  1. I am reopening this thread as I have the same question. Sasaya was a good neighborhood Japanese restaurant that recently reopened under new ownership, so I'm curious about what has changed.

    1. Yes, not too happy with it. (And when I went, I ran into that Oliver Jewelery guy :) )

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      1. re: abscissa

        Sorry to hear that about the food, as Sasaya was one was one of regular places to take our kids out. And even more sorry to hear you had to endure the Oliver jewelery guy.

      2. I've only been once, a couple of months ago. Blah. Not good at all. Lived in the area for decades and only recently got to it. The food was expensive and pretty bad. A rip off if you ask me.

        1. Any more ’Hound reports from Sasaya since its reno? I walk by it every day and it does look inviting.

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          1. re: Doopsylalolic

            ^^same here- always walking by, but never going in, till the other day..

            We went for a delightful dinner after a disasterous outing to Quince (more on that's painful and more than likely to raise a few hackles, I imagine)

            Keeping in mind that there were only 2 other tables seated and it was 9pm, and that we didn't order too much ( already had appetizers at the aforementioned Q) what I can tell you is that we were astounded to find both the service and food was excellent- fresh, fresh, fresh.

            Lovely crunchy in all the right places veggie tempura. We even had 3 servings of uni ( it was that good!) and a big bowl of hearty seafood noodle soup (sunomo)

            It was a great turn-around for our evening-can hardly wait to go back again!

            1. re: Doopsylalolic

              Funny you should ask, because I was thinking of posting about it this week...

              We occasionally eat there because it's in our neighbourhood. Overall, in recent months, I haven't been too impressed (it's hit and miss, though). However, we got take-out on Monday of this week and it was really, really good. Very fresh and flavourful. Their sushi pizza, if you're into that, is great. Also, loved the dynamite rolls.

              I'm still not 100% convinced that it will remain consistently good but I'll definitely give it another try sooner rather than later.