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Jun 1, 2007 09:45 AM

Favorite Fish Sandwiches Recipes

I am looking for a recipe for a fish sandwich...using a white fish (halibut, cod, grouper etc). Any suggestions for preparatons, seasonings, toppings, breads etc?

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  1. One that I use is just a good mix of what we call mojo. Its spicy, salt, garlic and dried lime. I cover the fish with that and grill it. No breading for me. Top the fish with a nice scoop of spicy cabbage slaw, red onion, and tomatoe placed on a sturdy toasted bun.

    1. Paula Dean made a sandwich last week that I tried. I found it on Food Networks website. It was a blackened tilapia on a bun with cilantro lime mayo. The mayo was the kicker- so good!
      I'm trying to cut back on salt and fat, so I used half low fat mayo and half plain yogurt, no salt. The lime zest really kicked it up and I didn't miss the salt or the fat. (I think the recipe had the lime zest, or maybe I just added it- can't remember.)
      ALso added shredded cabbage and carrot to the sandwich on whole wheat bun.

      1. I have a small local fish market that gets grouper right off the small boats of local fisherman. I have had so many bad grouper sandwiches that I only eat them at home. I like to dry my fish off and coat with a light dusting of Wondra and or rice flour as well as salt and pepper, for variety I may sprinkle on some homemade ancho chili powder. I pan fry on the stove to get good color on both sides and serve with homemade tartar sauce on a nice bun. Coleslaw on a fish sandwich is one of my favorite toppings as well. The fish is so juicy and melts in your mouth. Might even classify as a sink sandwich. haha

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          Mmmmmm. I would like to do fish tacos tonight but I'm going to pan fry, not grill. I used to live in Laguna Beach where I ate fish tacos three, four, oh too many times a week, and I would like to replicate them. I'm not talking super gourmet here, just super tasty.

          I have some heavenly tortillas made at my favorite mercado and I'm making a few salsas and sour cream with lime zest. I have creamy slaw for those who want that instead of salsa. I'm going to serve homemade rhubarb zingy sodas too.

          What kind of fish would be best here and what would make the ideal coating? I'm going to do smaller pieces since my tortillas are small and I'd like them to be crunchy/crispy but not greasy. I was thinking cod. I'm in New England and I can get something right off the boat, but which of the choices would be best? thanks!

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            Cod, and fresh off the boat, would be great. Any fresh mild fish works well in fish tacos. For pan frying I really like using Wondra. Rice flour works well too. Keeps the surface dry and allows for a nice crisp crust with no breading. All you taste is fish. For fish tacos I like doing shredded cabbage instead of lettuce. It's hardier and stands up well. Any other typical taco topping works well.

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              The fish was excellent. Try marinating the fish in buttermilk, as I did, following this recipe. The sauces are essential -- I made them all and I was thrilled! Mmmmm. So much color and shockingly bright flavors! Yum!

              We used fresh haddock, which was great. It's essential to eat the fish immediately after cooking it and do not attempt to keep it warm in the oven as suggested in the recipe. It tastes about 100 times better when you immediately slap it on the tortilas. The baja cream sauce (sour cream, mayo, lime juice and lime zest) is a great twist on tartar sauce that I definitely will make again, and I can't wait to have more of those wonderfully tangy pickled red onion!