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Jun 1, 2007 09:35 AM

What beer did I have in Amsterdam?

Several years ago my friends and I were in Amsterdam for one leg of our European vacation. All of the bars were apparently tied to one brand exclusively. Every stinking bar served Amstel. Not Amstel Light mind you; but Amstel. At first we were loving it but the novelty soon wore off. So we went off in search of new beer.

We were bicycling around and found a little bar well off the tourist path. It too served just one brand of beer but it was one we had not seen elsewhere. We tried a round and were blown away. So we went three more rounds to ensure we had "sampled" everything this brand had to offer. What I do recall from our inebriated chat with the bartender is that the beer was made in Amsterdam in the windmill just across the canal from the bar. At least two, possibly three, of the four variations had an ostrich on the label. These were really good beers and I would like to find them here in America.

So, does anyone know what brand this may be?


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  1. maybe Brouwerij T’Ij

    "The place is one of a kind, only 20 years old (the blink of an eye in old world terms), yet packed with its own unique and timeless charm. Atop the pub sits a giant windmill, adding a true touch of Dutch flair. According to beer writer Roger Protz, the brewery is named for a local river. Pronounced “ay”, the name is also close to the local term for an egg-hence the ostrich references on most of the beer labels."

    1. Yep, definitely the Brouwerij T’Ij as some of the cafe's carry it around the city. Another link from a good page on Amsterdam brewers in case this doesn't seem right.

      1. Thank you both. That is the beer I had. Now off to find it in the states.


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          John's Grocery was the last place I saw it online, though they phased it out.

          There was a place in Chicago that carried the Columbus that a friend found on travel, but I can't remember the place. The Beer King in Amsterdam carried all the flavors including Vlo (made for them) but has yet to agree to ship to the states.

          Would be interested if you find it.

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            Brouwerij T’Ij's bottled beers are available in a few of the better beer stores in Boston......