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Jun 1, 2007 09:12 AM

Eating New Orleans dry...

This is my first post here on Chowhound!

I'm a chef here in New Orleans and I know a lot of the chefs around the city.. But I feel like I'm eating the city dry. I've eaten everywhere and everything.. Vietnamese, Creole, Cajun, French, Italian, Poboys, Crawfish, Pizzas... etc..

List of Places I've already eaten: (off the top of my head)
Stella, August, La Provence, Cochon, Herbsaint, Bayonna, K Pauls, GwFins, La Petite Grocery, Pho Tau Bay, Tanh Dinh, Kims, 9 Roses, Frosty's, Mother's, Zoe, Cafe Du Monde, Morning Call, Puccinos, Zea, Cuvee, Palace Cafe, Kanno, Rock n Sake, Horinoya, Sake, Dragos, Muriels, Baccos, Andreas... ok I'm going to cut it off there. It was getting obnoxious.. lol

Anyways... Any recommendations? I'm tired of the same ol' food, and I know that the menus are constantly changing but I'm in search of something new.. Anything?


does that count as the "Sig"?

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  1. How about Jamilia's or Bennechin's? Sorry if they spelling are wrong...too lazy to look them up right now.

    1. Didn't see Brigstens on your list; been there?

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      1. re: Philly

        Yeah I've been there.. Good food and nice place.. I liked it but nothing mind-blowing though.

      2. more than 800 restaurants in the city; you've only scratched the surface. Ten to try:
        1)Marigny Brasserie
        8)La Boca
        9)Cafe Atchafalaya

        After that, only 790 to go!

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        1. re: steveds

          Fire is closed. The rest are all good recs.

          1. re: steveds

            Yes I know about the 800+ restaurants in the city (I prefer quality over quantity.. a lot of the restaurants are good, just gotta find them right? ) As for your list... Those are great restaurants! I have been to a few of them now that you mention it. Iris and Alberta both have good solid food.. Domilse's Po' Boys are pretty damn tasty. I've also been to La Boca and Vega, I enjoyed it.. Marigny isnt too bad either.. Never been to Fire or Adolfo's (been wanting to try it though).. and never heard of Lola? And I did read something about Atchafalaya today in the paper... maybe I'll try it out. Thanks for the recs!

          2. It is well worth getting off the beaten path. I pulled into Cajun Seafood on N. Carrolton on my way to San Muguel taco's. The fried chicken was unbelievable (it also has the best shrimp in town). Thankfully, it was so hot, it did not alter my direction, and my plate of chipotle pork and other offerings at San Muguel was superb.

            Here's another vote for Bennachin. Order the bennachin and domoda, but I prefer the dishes with chicken rather than beef. Great ginger drink too.

            Christy's poboys on the westbank (Stumph). Go on Friday-Sunday and order the oxtail stew. The Red Maple on the west bank is also excellent.

            Two Sisters (not the court of); Siamese; Madrid; Lil Dizzy's; Salt & Pepper . . . more to follow.

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            1. re: pilaf

              Bennachin... another place I've never heard of... I'll look it up. Thanks!

              1. re: chef_eats

                Have you tried Bacchanal where Pete Vasquez does a weekend menu.

                1. re: Tonto

                  I haven't! How is it? and what kind of food is offered?

                  1. re: chef_eats

                    Fridays are Tapas and tomorrow Sunday it is all Italian, but it is always changing. He used to have the restaurant Marisol's

              2. re: pilaf

                Welcome to chowhound. I suggest you try the neighborhood approach: concentrate all of your eating for a month or two to a particular neighborhood....dig deep, try the plate lunch joints and corner groceries, meat markets and shrimp-fried-rice-n-wings dives. Start with your own immediate neighborhood....dig deep. Some fascinating food can be found in surprising spots in this town; it's easy to eat good "high on the hog" (as most of your list was mid-scale to upscale) but takes a real hound to sniff out the goods in the 'hood. Make friends with your local taco truck guys & gals. Figure out where your UPS deliveryman (or in your case, the Caire's or Loubat's delivery guy) eats lunch.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Okay, I just realized that I didn't list any actual restaurants. Focusing on Kenner alone, how about Madrid, Pupuseria Macarena, Hillbilly BBQ, Restaurante da Piero, le Parvenu, Calas, Baru Cafe, Harbor Seafood, Siamese Thai.....

              3. Mandinas, Theos,Slice, Camelia Grill, Dragos, Vic and Natlies (North shore)

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                1. re: momus410

                  I have eaten at Madinas, Theos, Camellia, and Dragos...

                  Slice? Vic? and Natlies? What's good and what kind of food is it?

                  1. re: chef_eats

                    If your willing to make a trip there's a bunch of places kind of outside the city; Middendorf's in manchac (great fried catfish) on the northshore there's Young's steakhouse, worth the trip and not too too expensive, Badeaux's (great burgers and malts) or Morton's right next to it (great seafood), and finally theres Pig's (family style buffet food and burgers. Pretty interesting spot if you don't mind little old rundown places)

                    I know I've said it on a few of my other posts but Calas Bistro is a great new place out in Kenner (great new spins on traditional New Orleans dishes and a great list of whines as well. Chef used to work at Brighstens) or Dante's Kitchen right by Camellia Grill if you haven't already tried it; they both have pretty similar menu's

                    I know you probably said it on your other website post but what restaurant are you (or were you) working at?

                    1. re: gamecook91

                      I'm currently working part-time at the Metairie Country Club.. I own my own business so I'm very busy, but whenever I can, I try to get over there and help out. Thanks for the recs!

                    2. re: chef_eats

                      Slice is pizza on St.Charles , VicandNatlies is Bunny Matthews take on N.O. great burgers chicken jambalaya etc.